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Jun 4, 2022
May 21, 2013
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Administrator, from Texas

Staff Member Administrator Moderator
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Jun 4, 2022
    1. RichardPérezN
      I want to start publishing content in the wonderer class, for example, adding the exskill, its effects, among other things, and when I try to publish it, it says:
      The following error occurred:
      Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.
      1. Mush2007
        that means websites links or other wordings /codes are contained
        May 7, 2019
    2. Shanks
      still recruiting moderator>
      1. Taibasa Tsuyou
        Taibasa Tsuyou
        In a way yes, and in another way no..
        Currently Rayleigh already stopped with the game and Forum... Sadly :( And Vash has been missing from earth since a few years.. :/
        Dec 10, 2017
    3. Geowlett
      Applied for moderator but no response for quite awhile...
    4. RyuNii
      Dude ? You here?
    5. RyuNii
      Can't send you PM about the answers for Moderator position, cuz it includes "spam"
    6. AlfaMen
      Hi VashX, can u help me? PM in box please when u already. ty
    7. Ace144
      Are who I think you are? If you are, could you create a sub forum for Revenger?
      1. cwilfried likes this.
    8. cwilfried
      Where are you ?
      1. VashX
        I'm back
        Feb 14, 2017
    9. S-Ares
      So i my old phone broke and i lost my account, its been 3 or 4 months since then and ive emailed this company whatever information i can gather to get my account back but they keep telling me its not enough. i cant remember what gear my character had or what the mail i last sent was but ive sent the dates from when i purchased gems and the order numbers so im confused as to why i cant get my account back
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Taibasa Tsuyou
        Taibasa Tsuyou
        Be notified that THIS forum is fan-based though, and that you need to not release any information of the valuable information on here.
        Nov 18, 2016
      3. S-Ares
        i dont have any screen shots of my character on this phone but my other phone does but i cant find a charger for it and i gave them the ID the character level i gave them everything except whatever i had in my bag or my gear or whatever mail i last sent out
        Nov 18, 2016
      4. S-Ares
        i mean at this point i just dont want to have spent so much money on a game just to end up losing all of it. sortve feel a little cheated that something cant be done
        Nov 18, 2016
    10. techudk
      Hello how can I be talking to the adm?
      I reported my account without reason and wanted to know why
    11. Human Samuraii
      Human Samuraii
      Sir can u help me? T.T when i chat the game crash (connection failure)... and why changing to advanced class so expensive (for the classes that needs orb 5) like me i wanna be a samurai but str orb 5 so expensive! T.T... pls help me sir pls pls pls T.T PS. I am playing toram while Im angry at avabel becoz of str orb 5 and game crash... T.T
      1. Arthuria Saber
        Arthuria Saber
        Well, i am a Samurai and it was really quite expensive or hard to become one. You can use gems to unlock it or earn some big money ^^

        And relating to connection failure, i also experienced that but in SHOP.

        I tried uninstalling, clear data, then reinstall again but it didnt work. I formatted my phone and it worked.

        I suggest u try to do my first steps. I do not recommend to format your phone. But its up to you ^^
        Jul 19, 2016
      2. Human Samuraii
        Human Samuraii
        Ill just wait for an update T.T and one more thig when i chat the game crashes even when the keyboard appears when chatting.. crash -_- ill wait for update!
        Jul 28, 2016
      3. Arthuria Saber
        Arthuria Saber
        Hoping to play with u soon ! ^^
        Aug 30, 2016
    12. Arcane_Scinece
      I'm very sorry for bothering you but ive been trying to post a guide for farming, but i keep getting the error that something is spam like or inappropriate but i cant find anything that would trigger the these rules. ;-; i can give you a link if you could msg me
    13. TiniFøx
      How do you post things like magician builds and stuff or is it just the post button i started yesterday
      1. Taibasa Tsuyou
        Taibasa Tsuyou
        If you mean starting a new thread, you have first to consider the subject of your thread. After that you have to find the right section to post that in. Followed by the "post new thread" button you mostly see at a top-right corner.
        From there you can make a thread and post it!
        Mar 3, 2016
      2. Taibasa Tsuyou
        Taibasa Tsuyou
        (Make sure you read the forum rules beforehand too, and do not make any threads that are the same and/or similar to those already made)
        Mar 3, 2016
    14. chriistoos
      I cant buy gems .... i habe 100gcp and when i klick on 140 closed game
      1. ~Rayleigh
        This fourm is fan based. We have nothen to do with abismo or avabel aside from discussing it and such.
        Jan 4, 2016
    15. Toketsu Hikari
      Toketsu Hikari
      Hey Vash is the Stellacept Forums ready for use? Sorta having difficulty registering for it. Not getting the confirmation e-mail regardless of what e-mail I put in it for registration confirmation although the site states the e-mail was sent lol. Tried re-clicking re-sending but still no luck.
    16. Type End
      Type End
      Hey vash so my X105TypeEnd account was recently banned for spam after I posted 1 post to the avabel market place. I've had to make 3 accounts to even post something on here without it taking down or banned so I must ask why? And if u can please unban my main account X105TypeEnd I would really appreciate it.
      1. VashX
        I am looking into it. Will get back to you.
        Apr 11, 2015
    17. June
      i think its solve sorry for the inconvenience
    18. June
      mr vash
      there is dispute in your forum between 3 members i do not want this website to be used to express there hatred
    19. aovan
      Hi Sir! Messaged you :)
    20. HagoromoOtsutsuki
      Hello VashX I am the Official Avabel wikia founder and was hoping to use your site as a affiliation?
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