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What am I even doing?

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by ironysteeth, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. ironysteeth

    ironysteeth New Member

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    So I've just been grinding out 100k kill points for the last few weeks. It takes about an hour. I boost my mevis gear, put Dex,vitality, int gear in rune and element stuffs in Astra (could I get some recommendations on minimum quality of Astra gears to put in Astra case?).I have the 200 level ring and generally level up each 100k kill point session. Generally reguard the solo hard, sharp, gagne dungeons as a waste of time cuz all I've gotten was 1 stone for my efforts. Anyone familiar enuff with the rewards of 100k to tell me if I'm missing anything important utilizing these rewards? Also, what are some solo dungeons that I should keep an eye out for?Is there anything else I should add to my dailys?
  2. hmmm

    hmmm New Member

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    main reason why we do dk is for re orb boxes. we save good re orbs we can use in our equipments, or maybe some for cc, then sell the rest for gold.

    •max boost crystals (for the quest in mb chamber in exchange for max 2bil exp with exp books)(evolving runes)
    •30k dk = 1 gem
    •zenith ticket (daily 1gem per run)
    •dungeon ticket
    •league ticket

    things to add to your daily is zenith at least once for 1 gem, and on weekends advent for 1 gem
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