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Discussion in 'Infamous, Rage Quit & REDEMPTION' started by GJO, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Thread to post guides/announcements that are under construction. Posts will be moved to another thread upon completion.
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    Surviving, fighting and hunting Bosses
    Getting killed time and time again by the same boss (Gadeious anyone?) is immensely frustrating. Aside from simply being strong enough to overpower a boss, using the right tactics and skills can help you to at least survive a boss, or perhaps even killing it.

    Basic information & introduction.
    While bosses are often so strong that they can kill you in a few hits, they can become manageable if you know where to look and how to respond. Relevant factors:
    • Item setup
      • Balance: Why do we hate to get crit hits? Because it's suddenly an unexpected amount of damage to cope with. We can't manage unexpected crit hits, but we CAN make the normal damage somewhat predictable. You can do this by having balanced gear; so having DEF/MDEF that comes close to each other. DEF is commonly regarded as the most important stat. But bosses and mobs use both STR & INT-based attacks, so if you only have DEF, those INT-based attacks will hurt a lot. Of course you'll have to sacrifice DEF for this, but at least the maximum damage you can count on is more manageable.
      • Safe HP minimum: To ensure survival, keep your HP at a height where you could survive a critical hit of the boss' strongest attack. Always carry a stack of pots, and have them shortcutted.
    • Required skills/knowledge
      • Dodge rolling: If you can time your dodge rolls to perfection, it doesn't matter how strong a boss is. As long as you don't get hit, you don't die; it's that simple. Aside from swiftly moving to a safe position, there is a short period within the dodge roll wherein you are invulnerable. In other words; if you time your rolls right, you'll always be safe, regardless of where you are. You could even roll directly into an attack without it hurting you.
      • Animation time: Get to know your skills; when do they hit, how often do they hit, how hard do they hit, but most importantly: How long am I stuck in the same spot? If you don't know this, you might see the boss' attack coming towards you, but you can't get away.
      • Practice: You can only learn by trial and error. Sure, you can read up on what you can do here, but having the skill to actually do it can only be attained through trial & error.
      • Learn for yourself: The tactics in this guide are based on personal experience. They work, but that doesn't mean that it's the 'best' or only way. See how this information helps you, but don't simply copy this information. Find your own way - you determine what is best for you.
      • Offensive/defensive style: The more powerful you are, the more agressively you can attack the boss. If the boss barely does any damage to you, you can simply walk into its attacks. The lower your power is, the more patient and defensive you'll have to be.
    • Anticipating on the boss' actions.
      • Patterns; Any monster in a game, including bosses, have a pattern in how they attack. The simpler this pattern is, the easier it becomes to predict and anticipate upon it. This is what makes fighting bosses so simple compared to fighting multiple mobs; you only have to anticipate upon 1 pattern instead of multiple.
      • Tells: Each skill has a 'tell;' a signal that shows you that the skill is about to be used. Recognizing the tell gives you a window to get to safety from the skill that is about to be used.
      • Area of effect (AoE)/Range: Getting to know the AoE and range of an attack is imperative to stay safe. Stay out of the AoE/Range of a skill, and it won't hit you.
      • Skill hit timing: Every skill has an animation, but the only thing that really matters is the exact moment the skill actually hits. If you dodge roll at that exact moment, you won't get hit.
      • Animation time: Knowing the animation time of a boss' skill has 2 functions:
        1. Knowing how long you have to get out of the way to be safe from the attack.
        2. Knowing how long a boss is stuck on the spot, giving you a window to move in for some hits if you can find a safe spot that matches the attack. In other words; you'll know when to counter.
    • Knowing how to use the area
      • Safe spots: See if you can find places where you are safe from the boss' attacks. Attack from there if your range allows you to, or use it to rest or make your escape.
      • Movement space: Always manoeuvre yourself into a position where you have room to dodge if necessary. If you get stuck, you're in trouble.
      • Edges: See if you can find edges or peninsulas in the area where you can get the boss stuck. It makes it easy for you to hit the boss, and you'll be safe from most of its attacks.

    Guide per boss
    Each class has its own skills with their respective AoE and range. The guides per boss will be provided by me playing as Monk (close range), and @Peter JC as Ranger (long range).
    Boss description / Difficulty rating (1-10 stars) by @ GJO / Difficulty rating (1-10 stars) by @Peter JC

    F2: Albero/Alma - Walking tree ***

    • Skill description: The boss runs at you in a straight line. Each step does damage. He often does this back to back.
    • Tell: He 'roars' at you, bending over slightly.
    • AoE/Range: Very small AoE. He does ??? steps per run.
    • INT-based/STR-based:
    • Danger rating (1-5 stars): 2
    • Skill description: The boss shakes its head, and leaves fall from his head within a circle that is shown on the ground.
    • Tell: He freezes on the spot, then starts shaking its head and a bright circle appears on the ground.
    • AoE/Range: Medium AoE, slightly further than the circle signifies.
    • INT-based/STR-based:
    • Danger rating (1-5 stars): 3
    • Skill description:
    • Tell:
    • AoE/Range: Medium-far range.
    • INT-based/STR-based:
    • Danger rating (1-5 stars): 3

    Tactics according to Monk:
    • General tactics:
    • Counter windows:
    • Useful spots in area: None
    F3: Jabbawock/Greed - Beast ****

    F5: Scisstar/Crayammer - Crab **

    F6: Eclipse/Forneus - Dr Evil's shark *****

    F8: Vex Hell/Sylvia - Ice Satyr ***

    F9: ... - Ice Spirit *******

    F11: Archtonis/Roserius - Flying squid *****

    F12: V Shnida/Exoria - Centipede ******

    F14: ... - Scorpion ***

    F15: Gadeious/... - Stalking Sfynx *******

    F17: ... - Winged Leviathan ****

    F18: Barbaros/... - Spinning Pirate ***

    F20: ... - Blind Slugger *

    F21: ... - Giant Dragon *******?
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    Also, If u want to study some of the bosses attacks. You can observe their patterns in the gold room or certain crystal dungeons without worrying about getting killed quickly since they are weaker
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    Just a suggestion- but perhaps you could add the element and crystal each boss has (earth, wind, fire, none, etc) (human, insect, etc.)? Most of these are easy to figure out since each trio of floors typically speciallize in a certain mob type, but they might be helpful for newcomers and mages (since they have the most elemental skills).
    Better to be safe than spend a fortune on pots just one quest ;)
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