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Uhhhh well....what can I say? xD

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by *OmiGiosh*, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. *OmiGiosh*

    *OmiGiosh* New Member

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    In Game Name:
    Hi my name is Giosh and I just made this account, can't really say the same about the game tho.
    And I guess telling my name doesn't really fill everyone's bowl of satisfaction but I guess I'll get it over with.
    I mostly play fps games and having this as my first MOBILE mmorpg game is refreshing.(dot dot dot)
    I also have this knack of playing as a girl most of the time(plez don't judge...)
    anyways as for my game profile I have 2 characters on each google account (I have 3 btw for reasons)
    1st account:
    ☆Glenn☆ = My badass, strawhat, and axe/mace dual-wielder rocking that cheap-ass backpack avatar. (A lvl 66 Blacksmith)
    <AsuRa> = URL girl profile, nuff said. (A lvl 49 soon-to-be Assassin)
    2nd account:
    *Omi-G* = Can take you out from afar with his rune bow and has that nasty wanderer skill ring to screw you even upclose. (A lvl 64 Sni)
    Marcu$ = The freshest of the bunch, his 5☆ equips changes minds though. (A lvl 32 Warrior)
    3rd account:
    ☆Sera☆ = yes I really like using the star symbol, she's also the item provider for the group. (My lvl 53 Lost Speller)
    ~Nate~ = The alter-emo who likes cutting himself. (A lvl 42 Revenger duh)
    Yep that's all the characters I have, although I would probably make another account for the last 2 classes. xP

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