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Transfer Guide

Discussion in 'Device Support / In Game Issues' started by Ekolsucram, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Hi Guys

    This is my experience transferring from Android to Android and iOS to iOS, Android to iOS and vice versa

    1. In game menu, click on Change device
    2. Click on other transferring device
    3. Click Start
    4. Click "issue transfer code" to obtain a code, if you already have a code click "input transfer code"

    Based on above experience the following applies

    1. Transferring across iOS to Android and vice versa will by default delete ALL YOUR GEMS, so please make sure you either used them or have none.

    2. ALL MONTHLY Gold/Silver/Bronze will remain in iOS account even if you transfer to Android
    - For example, I have a silver monthly ticket on iOS, but even if I transfer to Android, it does not port over.
    - However when I transfer back it is still there MINUS the amount of time it was purchased from
    - Kinda sux but yeah
    - I have not tried on Android to iOS, so please feel free to share your experience.

    3. You can use this method to transfer from iOS to iOS even tho they have the itunes setup guide, I find this easier.

    4. I done the same from Android to Android

    Otherwise there is no issue whatsoever transferring across platforms.

    I do not own mobile devices running on windows or kindle, so perhaps someone else can share the experience.

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