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Survival rush

Discussion in 'Avabel Quest/Dungeon Discussions' started by Domocubed, Jan 18, 2017.


Is survival rush lit?

  1. Yea

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  2. No

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  3. Never heard of it/ I don't care

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  1. Domocubed

    Domocubed Member

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    The new rush added a long time ago (lol) but still doesn't have a thread
    Hey I have a few questions for his rush...
    1. How much do you need to kill to get max exp and jexp? Or is there no max?
    2. Any tips on what to take and best classes for this?
    3. Does this make it easier for an all int paladin to farm if one has hidden unlocked?
    4. Can I stock up on tickets every day and then use it all in one day?
    5. Should I boost a skill to get more kills?
    All I know:
    Survival rush is a new tech battle and it is comprised of a TON of mobs rushing you (oosts and salamanders) and they shred your hp! Any aoe skill/ class will do very well and the exp jexp reward is pretty good. You need a survival rush ticket to join and you get that from 1000 daily kills. I recommend you to be at LEAST 50+ (50 if you have good gear) and 60 if ok gear. Try not to die of course cuz that reduces your reward! Other than that I find it oddly satisfying spamming aoe skills and killing many mobs. Go out there and have fun! (Don't forget to answer my questions!) thanks!
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  2. Ace144

    Ace144 New Member

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    Crap, you actually made a thread. I guess I'll answer your questions.

    1. I don't know of a max. I'll say what I got when I did it. As a level 78 creator who spammed the crap out of Tomahawk, I got around 300k exp and 100k jexp. I'm sure more can be acquired, but I can't get much higher.

    2. The best classes to take are classes with AoEs. In terms of base classes, Wanderer and Mages have it best. They are the best at AoEs. (Though I believe Wanderer is best.) If you don't have AoEs, it is best avoided until you do.

    3. I heard Paladin cooldowns are long. You need to have reliable damage and AoEs. If you can't reliably kill off hordes (or dodge and kill off multiple groups of them), do not attempt yet. (Though I'm not completely familiar with Paladin's skills. I know of the four sword crashing skill.)

    4. Yes. I did three runs in a row my first day. I wanted to save the rest of my tickets.

    5. Only if it needs to be boosted. If your damage is already good enough, you should be fine. (I did fine with an unboosted Tomahawk.) Unless you really need that jexp for something else, there's no harm in boosting before you start.

    Side things:
    BRING A LOT OF POTS! My hp went down super quickly as my level 78 creator and as my level 40 Wanderer. There is no healing you can use that will help you. (My Potion Mist was barely sufficient. I kept getting pushed out of it. It eventually became risky rolling back into it.) You don't want to sit still for too long.

    Also, you can try it around level 40, but be prepared to use a lot of pots.
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  3. Oceanmk

    Oceanmk Exploring around~

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    I join as a wonderer (bard) and one discord (AOE) make monster fly (and die), very satisfied with the new survival rush.
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  4. Taibasa Tsuyou

    Taibasa Tsuyou Otaku Member Staff Member Moderator

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    -is in quite a busy moment-
    But when I'm out of it in around a week, I'll try to do it on my Mage (;V )
    (Both Survival and Zenith; if I can get a party together for Zenith that is..).
    So far I've stocked up quite a lot of tickets at equal amount for both of these.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2017
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