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Sabre Guild Recruiting! Pvp, Pvm, Active, Help based community

Discussion in 'Avabel Guilds' started by Sabre Alpha, Jul 4, 2017.


In your opinion, is Avabel's content exciting, engaging and well rounded?

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  1. Sabre Alpha

    Sabre Alpha New Member

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    This guild is designed to bring people together, help new and advanced players with general questions or raiding and to generally build relationships between skilled players and new players alike.

    Becoming a Sabre means being active and participating in the Guild Chat!
    We are not just another guild!
    Our Guild leaders are very experienced in guild management and promotion. They are responsible for some of the biggest clans and guilds in gaming including forming and creating "The Hidden Shinobi" clan on Xbox, Numerous small and large clans on PC such as "Green Bandits" and "The Last Regiment" and now moving into Mobile!
    The leaders are very stable as well, The leader is Married to the other leader and as such ensures activity cooperatively. You wont need to worry about your leader quitting or getting inactive in Sabre!
    Come help make this a great social experience!

    *Our only clan rules are to be respect and in adherence of the golden rule. Treat others the way you yourself wish to be treated. Be polite expect politeness :)

    On Avabel~
    Avabel can be an extremely difficult game for many people, it has challenges both in game and with mechanics often presented in improper grammar or left out all together.
    This is why a guild is necessary!
    In guild Sabre we encourage questions, getting the community involved in discussions and polity and quickly responding in helpful ways not just "go here and do that and your good" our style is more "let me come show you!" Having a lot of success in guild operation and management allows us the flexibility of encouraging each and every member! Becoming a part of Sabre means finding a home with gentle, kind and nurturing company! Pm a leader in game, leave a comment about yourself or just request a guild position in game to get screened and get placed in the rankings!
    A few button clicks and you can have that small niche clan you have always wanted!

    *As a new Guild in Avabel we will strive to be as active as possible and dedicate ourselves to the growth of the guild. We have an understanding of what it takes to grow as a guild and maintain strong bonds however in Avabel it takes time to get a start! Patience is paramount in the early stages so if you want to help recruit, get involved socially, or make an impact directly and put your own stamp on Sabre please speak up! We love innovation and always work with our guild members to create unique angles to clan networking. Were always humoring TeamSpeak, LINE, Kik, or any other social media platform pending growth needs.
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