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Revenger- Puppet Master

Discussion in 'Avabel Class Discussions' started by Lunaa, May 20, 2017.

  1. Lunaa

    Lunaa New Member

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    Hello everyone, as some of you may know, Avabel has just recently released a new class for revenger called puppet Master.

    I was wondering if anyone in the community has tried this class out and if so could share a build for the class or answer some of these questions such as...

    - What is the best build in stats for the new class? Is it all DEX or STR then DEX?
    -What is needed to become this class
    - Can you use gems to buy the class
    - What weapons can you use?

    Sorry for the bad grammar and have a amazing day!
  2. cyruz

    cyruz New Member

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    Hi! It may be too late for the reply but nevertheless I would like to share some of my exp with the class.

    1. For the build, the class is strength base so better focus on the standard build you have whether full Strength or full Dex. Mind that full Dex build will require high star weapon to be effective.

    2. For the req to release the class, I forgot the total number of sharp and hard crystals but am certain that it is 5 gangue and gems can't be used to release the class.

    3. All Rev weapons are OK to use for the class but since it is str base, its good to choose knuckles for they have high attack power.

    Hope this help you and other readers. Good luck!

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