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Returning INT creator (healer, Planter)

Discussion in 'Creator' started by RaviXander, Jul 2, 2019.


INT Creator Build (planter)

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  1. RaviXander

    RaviXander New Member

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    I'm a returning player from ~2015/2016, and I see a lot has been changed.
    I remember I was a supportive creator. I mastered blacksmith for the buff and becoming a planter to deal decent mag dmg in order to progress. And ofc I could heal myself which was useful.
    I had a full INT / DEX build (40 DEX, rest to INT). Now i have to distribute my status points again, so what should I do? Are there any recommendations for INT creators? I kinda have to find everything out again lol. Thank for helping!
  2. Taibasa Tsuyou

    Taibasa Tsuyou 「Supporting 京アニ!」 Staff Member Moderator

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Not sure myself, but what I can say is that the 40 DEX was already proven wrong even in 2015-2016.. Or rather, outdated, since the 40 DEX thing was from before there was even a Lv100 cap in-game.
    Around that time it was the more DEX you had, the better crits and (M-)attack you have. But since the current changes in level, stats and "nerf" of DEX stat (DEX doesn't raise the min-atk anymore now), there's either not putting anything into DEX-stat; Or putting a certain amount of DEX to get some profit from Passives.
    For now I think you can pretty much go a lot for INT. Just keep some points undistributed just in case (until you've gotten a feel for how well it goes with your playstyle).

    Off topic of the direct stats question...Getting either Rune or Mevius gear is also a simple way for the adding.
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