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Pet evolve

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by leezxy, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Hi guys it since a while I posting in this forum.
    I right now, I starting want to upgrade my pet. The problem is little bit classic, yes, you guess right, it's about the evolving material.
    Honestly, I have trouble with material evolve: "Sprout of Hope". It is the main material you need to evolve, for the other material you can obtain it from pet dungeon, it open on every Wednesday of the week.
    Do you know where I can find it?, the legend said it can be obtained from guild room but I don't know how.
    (Add note: if you rich guy, you are lucky then, just buy it on stall, the price range is 10 million ~ 15 million)

    Since the last event of changes in "rush dungeon", you can get rune armor/weapon with daily kill reward. So, for leveling pet is so easy. My pet already max lvl but noww i stuck in evolving the pet.

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