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new player: how do you "gear" in this game?

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by bladerunner, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. bladerunner

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    hi, I'm really new and thinking of playing this game, but need to know how to get good gear. I've read some guides but I am still confused. I want to be able to play only one character, grind rare monster drops, then upgrade it, then boss with people.

    Here are my questions:
    1. In Toram, weapons from monster drops are worthless because they cannot refine to max and are untradeable. Instead, you have to make a Blacksmith or buy a crafted weapon and buy "refine services" from players. Is there a system similar in Avabel? Can I just use the NPC Blacksmith/Synthesizer?

    2. Can you get good weapons from monster drops? I don't mean endgame, but "good" and worth upgrading as a stepping stone for endgame bossing.

    3. Can someone walk me through the process of how you get a better weapon? Ex: find a weapon from mobs/boss -> synthesize to 6-star -> refine to +9? or is buying a must?
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    1. there arent really gears dropped from mobs. but there are daily kills (dk) which gives lots of orb/rune/astra/mevius boxes. we sell the ones we dont need. mevius are the ones we equip. dk gives free lvl340 15* gears; even if your not lvl340 yet you can equip them. then those are the gears youre gonna build up.

    2. as ive said earlier you can get them free from doing dk. you can check them in achievements.

    3. since everyone pretty much starts with lvl340 15* gears, next step is (a) slotting them so you can put orbs, and (b) awakening them. after awakening 5x and having them fully slotted, you can (c) expert evolve, which will make them lvl360 13*. then you will have to evolve them to (d) 14*, then (e) 15*. the slots and awake will remain. then repeat (c-e) to make them lvl 380 15*.. and so on XD

    hope its not too confusing lmao
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