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New Here

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by ZerloreN, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. ZerloreN

    ZerloreN New Member

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    helo there...im new here...i wnna ask,i wanted to make warrior class to start out the game...is there any advice upon selecting next class,in which i have decide to be blader or samu...im stucked on which to change n is it a must to change to those two classes as i search there is a class before those two right...
  2. Niimi

    Niimi New Member

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    Plastic Beach
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    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    Starting off with a Warrior eh? Good choice.
    The class is simple, yet hits pretty hard and is capable of enduring long hp trades before having to back up.

    I used to have a Lv.65 Gladiator back in 2014. Stats-wise I went for STR > VIT. And some points on DEX(20 if I'm not mistaken), which honestly is up to you if you want a bit of DEX on your build or not to take advantage of the Warrior's passive skill(increased HP recovery over time) or even get an ocasional critical hit.
    Gladiator is a very powerful PvP and PvE class because if its Catacraft skill, which is a spammable skill doesn't have a cooldown(I could be wrong here, because again, it's been like a year or 2 since I deleted the character), does a lot of damage and makes you automatically dash to your current target.

    You named 2 advanced classes in your post, Blader and Samurai. I've never played as any of them, but I did some research on them when they were released. Try searching them up on YouTube to check it's skills and look for guides here in the forums.

    Blader has pretty cool-looking skills, you'll need to equip 1-hand swords in both hands to use it's skills. I'd imagine the build could either be STR > VIT > DEX, STR > DEX > VIT or maybe even STR = DEX.
    Straight off the bat, this is a STR-based class that hits multiple times in a few seconds, so putting a few points on DEX woudn't be a bad idea.
    Before changing to this class you'll need an item called "Evolution Gangue", which I don't know how to obtain and a lot of Sharp and Hard crystals.

    Samurai is an interesting one. It appears to be STR-based that hits hard instead of fast.
    I don't know much about it besides its skills.
    I'm suggesting you to do some research before making your final decision.

    I currently have:
    - A Warrior Lv.31(future Crusader or Paladin);
    - A Bard Lv. 69;
    - A Cleaver Lv. 56;
    - A Gunslinger(future Gambit after I master GS, DEX orb ready) Lv. 71.

    Good luck out there!
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  3. Taibasa Tsuyou

    Taibasa Tsuyou Otaku Member Staff Member Moderator

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    Taibasa Tsuyou

    First link can be used for your research on Warrior and its advanced classes.
    Second for the Evolution Gangues; although somewhat outdated thread, but still usable (why it's outdated is that the Dungeon type has changed and more Advanced Classes has been added that require these Evolution Gangues AS well that these Advent Dungeons aren't the only way to get these items anymore by now.
    Third follows up to the above's point; another alternative to get these Evolution Gangues.
    Fourth is not to be forgotten or not to be not mentioned; In Avabel you don't have to stick to just one Advanced Class, because you can master one and then head out to another Advanced Class. Up until Lv30 you can change your Base Class, but afterwards you cannot anymore. Advanced Classes will be unlocked starting from Lv50.
    Furthermore, the fifth is an extra.... This shows we now have these Login Rewards that gives us Gems! These can also be used in the in-game shop, where there's a pack that can allow you to spin only at Evolution Gangues if you want; or just for something else like that you'd like to buy from the shop.
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