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Moving on

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by ~Rayleigh, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Couldnt really think of a true title for what all i have to say. So ill start from whats happened recently.

    I had graduated from my tech/college courses. They were electrical technician and electromechanical engineering/technology. I can go into depth about this and all the licensing and the like if anybody wants me to. I passed both classes with all As except one quarter for electrical tech. With all that in mind, because of those courses plus 12-15 hour work days on the weekends (schooling was weekdays) i had little time to play avabel or any of my other games. So naturally i kinda fell from the community and the forums for a small period of time. So looking at i have in fount of me and what i have done. I am prolly going to continue to purse something with engineering (shoot for that 75-150 grand a year babeh). Coupled with that and not playing for like 2 years, its just far too much effort to come back and do what i do. Which is heavy pvp and research. I said i would come back if or when i acquire a unique program to assist with my accounts/return. Those that know me fairly well can inquire about that via PM.

    Due to all this i am prolly going to try and strive to get away from heavy time consuming MMORPGs (prolly wont happen...i lovem to much). I have picked up archery after 8 years and i am doing moderately well considering what i used to be able to do with it. Going to try to get back to old archer status and get back into horse back riding to do...you guessed it, horse back archery :D . So much fun to do as a kid, so thats the goal for that. I also got in to caving and rock climbing now which is new for me and a lot of fun. Getten so muddy, i love it xD Also trying to get in to hiking, backpacking, fishen, camping and whatever else i can do outside.

    I believe that is enough backstory of recent events...not sure what else to add. I am sure those who come to the forum know Vash is no longer in the community and fails to respond to emails. This means admin-ship will not be passed on unless he replys. So things like new class subfourms and new mods are not likely to occur as he holds full control over that. I have his email if anybody wishes to replace me as mod (you better be an active member of forums for me to consider that) or to ask other questions to him personally. As well i will be leaving my contact information here on this thread for those wish to continue to talk with me or ask questions.

    I will say this once, as of now the forum holds enough information to get what you need as of todays date. Some subjects/topics are out of date but they are few and far between. Yes because this is a forum thier will be shit to shift through to get the information you need but its thier. So i rather not get to many messages about said content not being found. Adv questions like hitbox size and time active are not liekly to be answer as thier are honestly a shortage of players willing to step up and do research for things like that or formulas for things like hp regen or even end game content. I highly encourage more players/users to join in to do this as doing so really does put you in a league of your own and at that point you are often highly valued in the community.

    What else...what else to say. Ahh...i guess how to get a hold of me.
    I will post up some public contact information for those interested. Anything more personal must be PMed to me on said public contacts or here on the forum...as i still log in out of habit as of this moment e.e

    Line ID: rayleigh0091
    Telegram: @Rayleigh0091
    Discord: ~Rayleigh#7942

    I believe those are right...i dont seem to have the best of luck for giving these out xD. Dont be shy. Good luck and have fun everyone.

    Any questions, comments, or concerns ?
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    Cant believe that youre leaving but goodluck out there!

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