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Magician Awakened Class - Warlock

Discussion in 'Magician' started by imagelesskink, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Sorry it took me so long getting this up, I had to gain around 25 levels in order to qualify for the class.
    Requirements: lv200, Mastered Dark Pain, mastered Ignite, Awakening Stone
    Awakening Stone can be gotten in the Normal Dungeon, the Power of Awakening. It's surprisingly easy, I solo'd it in less than 30 seconds.
    Something to note is that all skills in awakened classes have the class's unique passive as a prerequisite, and can only be taken up to the same level. The passive can only be taken every 10 levels.

    Chaos Explosion: 250SP, Max lvl ?
    Skill Boost: Power Up
    Element: Dark
    Description: Creating a enormous chaos, and generates large explosion by drawing in the surrounding enemies.
    Translation from Japanese: Create an enormous chaotic void to suck in the surrounding enemies before causing a massive explosion.
    Notes: More powerful than EX skills even at level 1, and the flashiest, most badass skill I've seen to top it off. It looks cool enough from the side, but casting it yourself includes camera and lighting effects, too. Unfortunately it has a very long cool time. 8 hits of suction followed by 1 hit for the explosion; I'm not sure about the damage because none of my test subjects survived. ;P
    EDIT: The suction and knockback are relative to your position, not the center of the AoE, so enemies can be pushed out of range mid-skill.

    Chaotic power: Max lvl ?
    Description: Increases the basic stats from knowledges gained from chaotic power.
    Translation from Japanese: Increase basic status using the power of chaos.
    Notes: The prerequisite skill. Not much else to say.

    Awaken Curse Cuse: 48SP
    Awaken Black Hand: 47SP
    Awaken Hell Guide: 60SP
    Awaken Voices of Darkness
    Awaken Flame Dive: 55SP
    Awaken Fire Beat: 35SP
    Awaken Flame Claw: 37SP
    Awaken Flare Cage: 56SP
    - The awakened versions of the advanced skills. They are essentially versions with all of the benefits of each branch (except SP conservation). The skill level is essentially added on to the level 10 advanced skill, so it's slightly stronger. Like the awakening skill, these require Chaotic power as well.

    I know, I'm lazy. Sue me. This is basically just a power up of Ignite and Dark Pain, so I didn't feel the need to elaborate. I'll try to have either Seraphim or Emperor up within a month, and Scholar sometime afterwards.

    EDIT: Warlock is currently affected by a bug that weakens all skills. Awakened skills are weaker than their counterparts. Not sure if it affects other awakened classes.
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