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Magician 3rd Awake Class - Storm Mage

Discussion in 'Magician' started by aleph, Dec 25, 2018.

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    Storm Mage is the third awakened class for Magician. It combines Wizard and Sylwinder

    “Class that dominates wind. Destroys the enemy with sudden gust of wind with lighting.”

    • Mastered Wizard and Sylwinder
    • Level 200
    • Awakening Stone 1
    Storm’s Rage (active)
    Shoots out intense tornado that was gathered by the power of wind.
    Element: Wind
    Used SP: 233 (lv1)​

    Lord of the Storm (passive, required for all other skills):
    Increases wind element attack and resistance with the protection of the storm.
    Lv 1: ?
    Lv 2: 114 attack; 5.5% resist
    Lv 3: 116 attack; 6.0% resist​

    Awaken Magician Hands (passive)
    Learn the fundamentals of Wizard to raise basic status.
    Lv 1: ?
    Lv 2: INT 5; MEN 5; DEX 4
    Lv 3: INT 5; MEN 5; DEX 5
    Edited 2018-12-30 to add details for skill levels.
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