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Magician 2nd Awakened Class - Grand Magus

Discussion in 'Magician' started by aleph, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Grand Magus is the second awakened class for Magician. It combines Lost Speller and Glacial.

    “Class that summons the old magic, frost orb, and never let enemy come near.”

    • Mastered Lost Speller and Glacial
    • Level 200
    • Awakening Stone 1
    Ancient Wisdom (passive, required for all other skills):
    Add ancient wisdom to weapon and increases MATK.
    Lv 1: +0.5% MATK
    Lv 2: +0.75% MATK
    Lv 3: +1.0% MATK
    Lv 4: +1.25% MATK
    Lv 5: +1.5% MATK​

    Frost Orb (active)
    Skill to summon ancient ice giant, which scatters icicles to the surroundings.
    Element: Water
    Used SP: 300
    Screenshots below are from https://avabelonline.com/information/detail/?information_id=4825

    Awakened versions of Lost Speller and Glacial Skills. Numbers in parentheses are the SP requirements. If there is only one number, then the SP requirement is constant regardless of the skill level.
    • Awaken Blizzard (90) - Water
    • Awaken Prominence (90) - Fire
    • Awaken Flash Glow (51) - Light
    • Awaken Black Corrupter (90) - Dark
    • Awaken Quick Spell (Passive) - n/a
    • Awaken Ice Coffin (43) - None
    • Awaken Crystallizer (60) - None
    • Awaken Ice Storm (77) - Water
    • Awaken Ice Lake Drop (Passive) - (Water - "Learn the fundamentals of Glacial to raise DEF. Plus, increase in MATK for each water element armor (Head, Upper and Lower) equipped.")
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