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Insight of The Hybrid Class ?

Discussion in 'Avabel Class Discussions' started by Don't Hate Red Nut, Dec 7, 2016.


Anyone had tried to master these classes before?

  1. paladin

  2. shinobi

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  3. soul blade

  4. elfeen

  5. geodancer

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  1. Don't Hate Red Nut

    Don't Hate Red Nut New Member

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    Hey guys I left avabel very long time ago (~almost 3 years) when there is no so much adv classes and play style. I have returned to this game recently and I admit that asobimo did a good job to further develop this game for better diversity and dungeons.

    What draws my attention tremendously is , there are few classes that are considered as "hybrid" class which have been changing the concept of character building. Traditionally, warrior,rogue,ranger are focusing on either Str or Dex for damage output while magician,acolyte go for Int. Creator and Wanderer can focus either one depends what adv class he/she want to proceed. However, after I returned to avabel, i found the "hybrid" classes here requires both Str and Int due to their class skills. Of course we want to make our character strong, but instead of putting most of the point on Str or Int, these classes create a totally new era to change our concept to put most of our status point into one side.

    Here is my question, how to build these "hybrid" class as your major adv class at the end , and how do we distribute our status point in order to maximize their power? (warrior = paladin, rogue= shinobi, magician = soul blade, etc)

    I really think these classes have more fun compared to others. After looking through many threads in this forum, the character build of these classes is still a mystery. I hope someone can share with me about a proper build when we wanna make one of these classes as our major adv class.

    Thank you.
    PS:sorry for my bad English
  2. Ace144

    Ace144 New Member

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    When I feel when it comes to these classes, I don't think it is important to build for them. (Builds in general don't necessarily make the player and skill.) Each of the hybrid classes have their own way to make up damage if you didn't invest in the other stat. (I've only personally played with Elfeen. I researched Soul Bladder enough to know about it. I'm vaguely familiar with Paladin and Shinobi.) Since most of your damage comes from your weapon, I feel it is less important to try to focus on maximizing one class in particular.

    Before I continue, Creators don't need to invest in INT (well at least not dump a lot in there). Those people who do so are maximizing a skill that doesn't need to be maximized. It took me a while to figure this out, but Potion Mist is meant to be support for Acolytes. Expecting Acolytes to be able to heal at every second is kind of absurd. Creators are like the middle men between the Acolyte's healing and death. Alchemist's attacks aren't strong even with a good blunt and INT. Planter isn't good enough to warrant all your focus on it (compared to the other 6 advanced classes that use strength).

    I'll start with Soul Bladder. (This class actually makes me jealous of mages. I love the concept and execution.) The class requires you to have a dagger in your right hand to be about to use skills. Daggers do have magic attack on them, so it won't absolutely destroy your other INT attacks. Though most people use a 1h rod to make up the your magic attack. In the thread, you'll see that using both actually made a good balance of attack and magic attack (and I love it). On top of that, Soul Bladder has a skill that transfers all your INT to STR. This makes your skills here more stronger. Remember when I said most of your damage comes from your weapon. You can still get good damage from other skills that are Job Mastered. BTW, this is the only TRUE hybrid class. As far as I'm aware of, this is the only class where a skill has both attack and magic attack at the same time. You don't need a special build since the class already accommodates the fact that most people are mages. (Personal side note: This is a gangue class. I feel it is better tackled with skills from other classes in its arsenal.)

    You don't need to build for Elfeen. Bows have magic attack already built in. You also get an INT boost every time you use one of its skills.

    Shinobi: Daggers have magic attack. Avoid one hand swords. You can invest in INT, but you don't need it. Rogues are the best class to chain skills together. Since most of the classes are STR, you should focus on it.

    Paladin: I honestly can't really say much here. I haven't looked into it at all. I know people love dumping INT into it. I'm pretty sure warriors don't need to do so since they do have access to weapons that give both attack and magic attack. I guess the build you chose depends on what you choose to focus on. Personally, I think it would be best to focus on strength because that is what most of your skills are.

    EDIT: I hope you didn't see this yet. If you did, I'll tag you. @Don't Hate Red Nut What I mean is you should build your character to fit your style. Different builds won't make a class better. Your gear makes up most of your attack and defense. I wanted to say that just in. (Example: A full INT monk can still deal a lot of damage if the monk has a good knuckle. [Side thought: Knuckle + Blunt or rod is very optimal. It's odd I don't see it a lot.])

    EDIT 2: I suck at finishing thoughts. There is actually an except to what I said. Wanderers use the MEN stat to boost the effectiveness of some of their skills. Wanderer should be the only class where you need to pay special attention to a certain stat.
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