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I need Revenger all adv classes pvp combos and farm combos?

Discussion in 'Avabel Class Discussions' started by AsUnA-YuUkI, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. AsUnA-YuUkI

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    guys can you help me adjusting my skill for pvp and farming cuz i think im a bit slow using combos?i just spam puppet dolls and crimson scythe (i think lol its the aoe skill of grim reaper)
    can you suggest me some high dealing skills and where to put it.THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  2. Jenisha

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    As a Revenger, I break down the skills (for all classes) into 4 categories:
    1. High Dmg and Fast Casting - PvE and PvP
    2. High Dmg and Slow Casting - PvE
    3. Average/Low Dmg and Fast Casting - PvP
    4. Average/Low Dmg and Slow casting - Don't use it
    Of these, #4 is redundant and don't use for neither PvE or PvP.
    The skill combination also largely depends on your weapon / equipment lv and *. I use lv 240 15* (rifted) knuckle which gives a good dmg output.
    Let's talk PvE: The best skills are ones with highest dgm output and preferably larger aoe. I use Lethal Dolls 1 (RE skill) > Victim Rain (RE skill) > Rapid Sheer, then move to next group and use Lethal Dolls 2 (Master skill) > Victim Rain/Growl Bullet. At times, I may use Deuce of Scythe and Growl Bullet (Phantom Gunner) when up gainst bosses, otherwise I generally kill all mobs with one round of Lethal dolls + Victim rain at fl 43. Also,
    For PvP, it's a tricky part- depends on your opponent (The class and player you're up against). However, Sickle Slash is definitely the skill to use as its fast. The combo could be - Sickle Slash > Detonation / Deuce of Scythe (if your opponent is slower). Else, Step 1. Growl Bullet > Sickle Slash > Roll > Victim Rain/Rapid Sheer. Step 2. Death Cling > Opponent attacks > Death Trap / if opponent doesn't attack > Death Trap > Deuce of Scythe / Detonation.
    Lethal dolls in PvP is generally to make room for yourself as it never gets players (unless the player is dumb enough to walk into it lol). Take the type with higher dmg against mobs as it's most useful for farming.
    This is just a general guideline to get you started, but like I mentioned I keep changing my skill type in PvP depending on Opponents. You can actually watch some PvP videos in Youtube- you'll get a good idea about PvP.
    EDIT - I don't know what class you are, but I also use Ex Skill a Lot (Vampire).
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