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HOMELESS is recruiting

Discussion in 'Avabel Guild Recruiting / Joining' started by ovan, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Hello and Hello again if you've already come across my previous message, this is a less cluttered watered down version, I will be brief, if you are a Creator, Rogue,Ranger,Mage, or Acolyte, we want you in our guild. We are non-strict about inactivity the only thing we ask is that you do not harass your fellow Guild mates. Please also don't be surprised to see the guild mostly empty at times people come and go as they wish. Come visit us at our Base in revere channel 1 at the marketplace where our members often spend their time. We are a Merchant Guild and try to avoid as much Agression as possible. We prefer English and Spanish speakers but will accept other languages as long as they understand those are the Guild Language and Time Zone Priorities. Come sign-up to this forum if you haven't already follow me and Message me or reply here if interested. Last but not least have a wonderful day.

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