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Exp and jexp info update???

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by Damon (US), Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Damon (US)

    Damon (US) New Member

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    Hello I'm a returning player from a year ago, I play off and on for a while now and I'm wanting some info on haw to get exp and jexp fast now. I already have a character for every class, as well as almost every class completely mastered. Most of them are above lvl 100. M needing to get to 200 to get the new classes so I can master them next just needing to know the best way, without the 200 ring
  2. Taibasa Tsuyou

    Taibasa Tsuyou 「Supporting 京アニ!」 Staff Member Moderator

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    personally after my long ¾-hiatus I've been grinding floors the most to level up... though it becomes repetitive to the point where I went back to neglecting it again ^^" Need to get back again to reach 200 too for the same reason you've got :x
    I've been frozen at Lv90 since before the Rebirth came... and since my comeback I've gotten to Lv180+ by doing the daily kills achievements via the Floor grindings. I farmed on F42 the most (the Floor with the narrow floating Island, since you stay on that island. As well as my gear isn't the tops yet, so I have a 50/50 moment on F48 grind. I can survive F48 if I'm present, but if not, I'll die eventually if the circumstances are poor (have had times where I did die and times where I didn't when not paying attention to F48 grind :shrug: ).

    Other way are the Technical battle's survival rush or go to the Chamber's left-side NPC's quests to earn Exp&Jexp from quest by turning in Max Boost Crystals....Just make sure you have books on, and/or are in a full party where everyone is in same room to get party boost as well (City → Transfer NPC → Chamber).

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