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Event cheat at floor 1. Wedo files

Discussion in 'Avabel Game Guides' started by LB UNITS, Nov 5, 2017.


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    LB Units
    Item>> bag easily full because of weapons' weight and armors' weight when u farm .
    how to cheat .;)
    Add ur slots with knifes(dagger) (weight-5) free at fl-1 ,:eek: (if u are lazy to farm knifes more add)(99 blue nut , 99red nut, 99memory of grass ,3×99= ? collect quest items.. )and 3 event items . If u have 85 slots , fill them with knifes and event item( 1 wedo files ,1 fragment and 1 crystal) ......
    U can choose any weapons or armors with low weight to full the slots with 3 event items.
    Since i farm at fl 1. I dont need Hp bottle or Mp .
    :alien: Example- knifes 82+3event items=85. Since weight is free , u will only acquire event items.. like wedo files and fragment.
    :blackeye:Dont forget to add 1 wido files and 1 fragment slots in bag.

    :bag:Calculation 5×82=410 .original 2000weight - 410= free too much. Come come event itemssss only..

    LB units.:blackalien:
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  2. Taibasa Tsuyou

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    basically what I do on F18 when farming their items. xD
    I always keep the items I want to farm in my slot. and sell them later but leaving 1 left in my bag, so I can farm them even if my bag is full. xd
    But most likely this method is used by a lot of players. Another option too is to use your weight/bag slot expands you get for free during the daily logins so you can hold more items in your bag. :p

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