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Easy Avabel Gold Making Guide For Beginners And Advanced Players

Discussion in 'Avabel Game Guides' started by Rage54, Feb 8, 2019.

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    It's come to my attention that a lot of players tend to chill at bases such as Revere and ask about getting gold now that Avabel has a fixed item price (no more player to player trading) and items are expensive. Since the price of items are not listed in the stall it can confused many players what is worth holding onto and what is worth selling. Now as a disclaimer I do believe almost everything in Avabel has a purpose (weapons/armors you don't want can be used for enhancing or for selling, items can be used to sell or increase stats, etc). With this said, if your goal is to get a lot of gold in-game, it's best to focus on that goal itself and not be greedy with items as a lot of players tend to do so.

    As stated in every single one of my posts, this is the quick summary (which is informative) but is also a preview of the full article linked after the introduction and end of this post.

    Full article: https://mobilegamingmadeeasy.blogspot.com/2019/02/avabel-series-how-to-get-gold-fast-gold.html

    In avabel there are two unique ways of making gold. A lot of players focus on the concept of kill copious enemies, sell the weapons/armor/relics you pick up, and keep special items. This methods sounds great and brainless until you realize you're making hardly anything per run and you have to tap endlessly in order to go back and forth. A better method of gold making will be outlined below which requires less tapping and more gold making:

    1) Increase your bag weight, not necessarily your bag expansion: Special items can be stacked and sold for a lot of gold. If you are out of bag weight, you will not be able to pick up low chance drops from enemies even if your bag can hold more various items. By using free or paid gems (the in game currency) for increasing your bag weight limit, you can hold more stackable items.
    2) Auto hunt floor 12 for valuable items: Floor 12 has many benefits such as lower enemy health, more enemies in a smaller area, high respawn rate, and enemies can drop special items such as orbs. In my article linked I outline how much you can sell these items fgor and which items to prioritize.
    3) Lock stackable items: Instead of selling items over and over, it's best to expand your bag weight limit and auto hunt with special items such as orbs locked. This way you can keep picking up high priced items even when your bag item limit is reached. If your bag item limit was reached and you were about to pick up an orb, you will fail to do so. If you tend on selling items every "bag full", then it is best to keep AT LEAST ONE of each special item locked in your inventory in order to pick it up when you go back to killing enemies.
    4) Daily achievement: Daily achievements such as kill counts and playtime counts can give boxes that are valuable to the item shop. By selling them to the item shop instead of using them, you can find yourself making more gold without having to pick up low chance dropped items. Keep in mind to weight out the pros and cons of selling these items.
    5) Use only one character or put items in inventory for your main character to sell them. You DO NOT share gold between character so there would not be a point to have 50,000,000 gold with Billy, 4,000,000 gold with Susy, and 20,000,000 with Greg. You can share items between characters but not gold, so it is best to sell high priced items under only one character.

    Any other tips/tricks? Comment them below! Feel free to check out the full post at: https://mobilegamingmadeeasy.blogspot.com/2019/02/avabel-series-how-to-get-gold-fast-gold.html
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    Monster ORBs use ZERO bag weight. You will still get them even if your bag is full. If money is your objective when farming, focusing on bag weight won't get you much. (Though if you want more broken pieces, you DEFINITELY need to get more bag weight.

    The only item you can't get with a full bag (that is worth a good amount of money) is Weird Copper Coin... which drops less frequently than ORBs making it less profitable. (Also, its versatile. I don't think it should be sold unless you are D E S P E R A T E.)

    This only works if you are lower leveled. When you reach the higher levels, your drop rate on the lower floors will be reduced. This makes farming for ORBs harder, and Weird Copper Coins almost don't exist. You could still make some progress with a decent party, but it is highly ill-advised.

    That's an unnecessary step. The thing you should never run out of is Bag Space. Once you reach 100 Bag Space, then you'll almost never reach it unless you really don't like putting stuff in storage.

    If you are still struggling with Bag Space, just sell all but one ORB.
    Rune and Astra gear make good money, but they also have other important uses as well. I could probably make a thread to accurately describe their uses.

    RE Orbs are self-explanatory. Sell the ones you won't use. Keep the ones you will. They are main source of daily money.

    I don't how I feel about this statement. It is good advice, but it is misguided.

    Unless I am mistaken, there should be a gold bank inside your room. You can share money between characters... with a small fee.

    Of course, you should be focus your money on one character, but sometimes other characters need money as well (ie Max Boost and Gear). It is possible to share the money if it is necessary.

    My Recommendation​

    When it comes to farming, A PARTY IS A MUST! With that in mind, here are the common farming floors.
    • Floor 18
    • Floor 22
    • Floor 42
    • Floor 45
    • Floor 48
    If you go to those floors, you'll using find plenty of parties there. The higher up you go, the faster you can burn through your DK achievements. After you finish that (if you are comfortable with that floor), you can go back down to one where you do feel comfortable.
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  3. Taibasa Tsuyou

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Also... Everytime I'm as the base, I always store all WWC to my storage leaving 1 in my bag, to get that extra space even if it's just a small amount xD

    hmm.... I'm only at ½-agreeing. I'm the type to want to raise my alts too, but still prioritizing my Main. So I'm like how you'd focus your status on like "Int>Dex" or something, but with character leveling. x'D That said, If I'm needing gold on an alt that doesn't have enough, I either just farm a bit more on the alt, or just go to my main and send some sellable orbs via storage to my alt to use. Or the WCC that's in stock in my storage if I'm really needing them. x'D (that said, I haven't reached the cap amount of any orbs until now, so no idea about what I'll do yet when that happens).

    Oh! That saves me scouting work! Thanks for the list! x'D Means I still need to farm 2 floors on my Main to see how F42 is. :x But I need a good upper Gear first before I can get there without worries xd' But that's just me and my low amount of gems; kept getting things I don't need. Orz
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    But I was also half agreeing. So are you 1/4 agreeing with him? :p

    My point was that I believe you should keep your money together, but I was believe that money should be saved if the alt needs it. I was also adding that it is possible to exchange money between characters.

    As for your ORBs, I'm not sure what you mean by cap. You can carry 99 orbs on your person at anytime. Your storage holds up to 999 of stackable items. Either way, as long as you have one ORB of the ORB you are farming, you will always be able to collect more. The chances of you reaching 99 of a certain ORB is near impossible... unless you really don't want use your storage.

    Floor 39 is good, but there aren't really any parties there. You would be solo farming it.

    I'm iffy on floor 42. The area that is farmed is the island after the warp. The good thing is that it is a small island. The bad thing is that there a lot of people there and AoE skills are everywhere. I don't recommend that floor if you don't have enough damage. (Before I got stronger, I struggled to clearly the RE quest for that floor because I couldn't deal enough damage.)
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    Back in December I wrote up some tips for drop farming here:
    If you're lucky enough to have a full party of 6 on auto farm and an appropriate guild, you can:
    • Get the full party +20% drop rate bonus (also +20% exp and +20% jexp, which are helpful when levelling/mastering classes)
    • Activate Guild Status for maximum benefit (Venture/Advanced Venture when farming for total of +22% drop rate, Peddler/Advanced Peddler when selling for total of +22% gold)
    • Activate Guild Skill "Hope" for +5% drop rate (and +5 Exp, +5 Jexp when levelling/mastering classes)
    With the newish drop mechanics for high level characters on low level floors:
    • Level 120 character can farm f18 without a reduced drop rate
    • Level 155 character can farm f22 without a reduced drop rate (drop rate starts to decline at level 156)
    • Level 260 character can farm f42 without a reduced drop rate (drop rate starts to decline at level 261)
    I would also suggest leaving valuable items in storage and only selling them when you need the space or cash (hopefully with Guild Peddler statuses). Then you can convert to gold on the character you need, when you need it. Saves on the 5% tax from "My Room" bank. The peddler statuses do take a bit of the bite out of the 5% tax.

    In terms of the "broken" items, right now I only farm these to put in my storage for enhancing gear. For a character with maximum bag weight (20k/20150 for wanderer) and not a whole lot of extra stuff in the bag, the value of a full bag is about 5m.

    Edited 2019-02-08 to add info about ORB and Weird Copper Coin drop rates:
    I find that on my preferred farming floor (level appropriate, no reduced drop rates) I get the rarer drops in the following rough proportions:
    • 15 recycle boxes
    • 90 ORBs (3 different types @ 30 pieces each)
    • 50 weird copper coins
    • 15 rusty black boxes
    • the stack of shining crystals (99) fills up long before everything else
    Edited 2019-02-10 to update drop rate info for floor 22.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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