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Dark Knight Upgrade

Discussion in 'Warrior' started by Schwert, Dec 20, 2017.

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    I have used DKn class for a day and m already tired of him. His attacks are similar to the side story DKn that u find in children's rpgs a lame character you don't entirely forget but knew you wasted a good amount of time beating him up worse than tenderized meat and yet you feel the meat was a worthy opponent. He should be a base class char. not a lvl 70 Adv. Class. When you put him there you expect him to Op boss class char. and not sum limp fish who's a mere insult to his ancestors (understatement of an Aeon alert). I have fought DKn in rpgs and they r not so lame. Sephiroth is FF7s DKn and he is not an insult, he is a kind of a char. who makes his opp beg for mercy after death! who puts his ancestors to shame. Which is what a DKn shud be. Many may deny his class but the idea behind Sephiroth was DKn. Needs a huge upgrade from dev!

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