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Custom Avatar Set Names

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by $wagberg, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Sup everybody, Dragon Phoenix $wagberg here and today, I was thinking about costumes. Not everyone uses a whole avatar set. Some just wear different avatars (and colors as well) to make things a bit more interesting.

    I've had a lot of costumes throughout my gameplay and I thought if everyone gave a name to your costume set, what would it be? This thread was built to answer that. Share the name of your costumes and the avatars used for it. If you want to put a description of the set like what asobimo does for every single item, go on ahead.

    I'm gonna go first:

    Name: Neo Dragon Phoenix
    Description: The repaired garb of the hero who saved Izumo from Devastation. Made by both Samurai and Ninja.
    Avatars used: Shinobi_SP (upper), Jipang 100 Flowers A (lower).

    Name: Weapon Master Wear
    Description: Garb worn by those who can fight with ANY weapon. No matter how heavy.
    Avatars: Splendor Kimono A (upper), Fes Under B (lower)

    Name: Kagatsuchi Form
    Description: Worn by Samurai who have a will of fire.
    Avatars: Velgin Food A (optional head), Fes Costume C (upper), Jipang 100 Flowers (lower), Parade Feather A or Parade Feather_S A (Accessory subject to change until we get Phoenix Wings or any bird like wing with a flame-ish appearance)

    If you want to join in, please tell me your costume name in the comments and I'll be around changing lives like a remix, and then raise them... LIKE A PHOENIX!!! *Phoenix by Fall Out Boy continues playing*

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