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Creator 2nd Awakened Class - Axe Riser

Discussion in 'Creator' started by aleph, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Axe Riser is the second awakened class for Creator. It combines Enchanter and Battle Force.

    “Class that can powerfully execute strength by charging powers of nature.”

    • Mastered Enchanter and Battle Force
    • Level 200
    • Awakening Stone 1
    Celebration from Mother Nature (passive, required for all other skills):
    "Increases resistance for Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth element, gained from Mother Nature's celebration."
    Values are the total at a given level and are not additive or cumulative.
    • Lv 1: +0.5% resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
    • Lv 2: +1.0% resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
    • Lv 3: +1.5% resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
    • Lv 4: +2.0% resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
    • Lv 5: +2.5% resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
    Element Rizing (active)
    "Skill to spread buff of increase all elements damages to yourself and allies. After, you will break ground with 2 hand axes."
    Element: All
    Used SP: 250
    Screenshots below are from https://avabelonline.com/information/detail/?information_id=4825

    Awakened versions of all Enchanter and Battle Force skills. Number in parentheses is the SP cost. If there is only one number, then the SP cost is constant for that skill regardless of skill level.
    • Awaken Enchant Power (62) - Any element
      Skill to provide effect of raising ATK and MATK when surrounding members have elements in right weapon. Also, it will raise ATK and MATK effect on to right weapon as well.
    • Awaken Enchant Guard (62) - Any element
      Gives increase in DEF and MDEF when surrounding members' upper armor has an element. Also gives DEF and MDEF increase effect to yourself when your upper armor have elements.
    • Awaken Kernel Shot (44) - Random element from Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Darkness)
    • Awaken Buster Slugger (77) - none
    • Awaken Default Package (passive) - n/a
      Increases critical rate when equipping element weapon.
    • Awaken Over Power (47) - n/a
      Self enhance skill that release physical ability to utmost limit. Increases critical rate in proportion to basic STR, and will decrease movement speed after effect expire.
    • Awaken Shoulder Charge (47) - none
    • Awaken Power Snatch (52) - none
    • Awaken Body Enforcement
      • Lv 1: DEX +1.8%, STR +1.6%
      • Lv 2: DEX +1.9%, STR +1.7%
      • Lv 3: DEX +2.0%, STR +1.8%
      • Lv 4: DEX +2.1%, STR +1.9%
      • Lv 5: DEX +2.2%, STR +2.0%
    Edited 2019-04-19 to replace awakened skills list with the correct one.
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