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Choosing a mage class

Discussion in 'Avabel Class Discussions' started by Not Ryuzaki, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Not Ryuzaki

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    Can someone summarize all the magician advance classes? Idk what class should i choose and im still struggling to find sharp and hard crystals, do you guys also have tips about finding those crystals?
  2. Septimus49

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    In terms of getting xtals, I farmed f18 for money then I just bought them off stall. You can do this or do the sharp and hard dungeons (can't remember what days they show up on). I much prefer farming on f18 as this also gives you xp and jexp.

    In terms of classes I'll summarise the ones I've played before.

    Lost Speller (LSp) Lvl 50
    You've probably seen this before, depending on your level. Slow casting, medium with fast spell active. Great for farming. Not so good for PVP, you're better off using basic mage skills than LSp skills.
    Skills include Blizzard (massive AOE, med dmg, great for farming), Prominence (Big fireball, slowish, ? dmg haven't used it in a long time), Flash something (small stationary bulb that explodes with knockback on contact), HIDDEN Black Corrupter (summons black hole under your feet that SLOWS, one of mages only CC apart from knockback skills), PASSIVE Quick cast or something like that (increases casting speed, max this for HIDDEN)
    you can google it for more info.

    Elementalist (Ele) Lvl 50

    Quick casting, one skill that is good for PvE, 2 skill that is good for PvP.
    Skills include Tetra Laser (ok straight line AOE, quick cast but there is delay before the skill activates, decent for pvp and pve), Willow Cycle (Love this, summons fireballs that circle you [think foxfire] use before casting big spell in PVP, or cast a couple then dash into enemy cuz why not, THEY STACK), Mine Spark or something like that (think the Flash skill but with no knockback), PASSIVE gives you extra stats)

    Sylwinder (Syl) Lvl 70 NEED EVO GANGUES
    LOOOOOOOOOOVE this class. This is the first class mages I know tend to rebirth as. Great for pvp especially windshot. All skills except HIDDEN cast pretty fast with fast spell.
    Skill include Wind Shot (at first it's one ball of wind but you can spec it at lvl 6 into 3 in a row or three spreading out or one that casts faster but for me that's kind of useless considering you have fast spell, IT PASSES THRU THINGS), Repelling cyclone (AOE around you that knocks enemies back), Storm ride (a dash style skill that makes you flyyy, jump first then use it for faster cast, longer distance than dash but longer CD), HIDDEN Tornado Blast (medium casting time, massive AoE around you, hits a LOT, max storm ride to get it - I THINK cant remember)

    Good job on reading this wall of text.

    Forgot to mention that the first two vids that I included are from Thann Avabel. He/She has great videos on the first couple of Mage adv classes (Wizard, Lost speller, elementalist, dark pain, soul blader) as well as the other classes' adv classes
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