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Best build for revenger???

Discussion in 'Avabel Class Discussions' started by Damon (US), Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Damon (US)

    Damon (US) New Member

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    Whats the best build for revenger class
  2. Jenisha

    Jenisha New Member

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    It depends on your play style and gears.
    There are 2 things to consider- 1.your attack and 2. Defense.
    If you have high level gears esp. rifted mevius weapons (like lv 200+ 15* weapons) , then dex build with vit would be a good idea. (Dex > Vit)
    If you have average weapons, you may want to consider putting stat points in str as dex alone won't suffice (remember, atk increase with dex is lower then increase with str, but high dex will increase your crit) There's a whole topic on this somewhere in this forum.
    I talked about Vit above, as amount of HP is critical when it comes to renevger. This will again depend on what gears you have. For revengers, it's recommended to have Astra gears as it gives + HP - this is vital because as a revenger, you should be playing with low HP (remember the skill to self inflict damage to reduce your HP). Now, let's say you want to play with 10% HP left which increases your dmg- you would benefit (and not die easily) if your actual total HP is 50k instead of 10k. So as a revenger, it's important to take into account your HP. Luckily, Astra gear equip level limit max is 100 which should make things easier for you (unlike mevius where you'd have to get those 200+ lvl rift stones).
    Lastly, Revenger is essentially a mix of all other classes (except summoner coz that came after) - it's got ranger like class (phantom gunner), rogue like class (cleaver) , Aco (monk) like class (vampire passive n inferno), mage like class (nightmare) etc. with the benefit of these classes not being hybrid of str n int based classes (all are str based). Point here is, you also need to decide on what weapon to use as some classes need 2 knuckles (high physical dmg), 2 dagger (average physical and matk), n 2 1Hand guns (above avg physical dmg), and some classes can equip any of these weapons.
    Your build depends on 1. Your equipments 2. Your play style.
    Let me know if you have more questions

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