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Become a LastLegend

Discussion in 'Avabel Guilds' started by $wagberg, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Sup everyone, Dragon Phoenix $wagberg here and I'm making recruits for Last Legends in avabel. Unfortunately with the guild name being a max of 10 characters, it had to be changed to LastLegend. Anyways, I made a guild in Aurcus that is about to die soon and I'm hoping that players from avabel or aurcus could help by joining my guild here, in avabel. I hope that with your help, we can keep the Last Legends alive and fighting. Remember these rules if you decide to stay:
    1. Activity- those who are inactive for a week will be evicted. Unlike Aurcus, guilds can see members' previous login times so it is easier. I can keep your spot if you have a legit reason as to why you are inactive wether it's a vacation, surgery, etc. Please inform us via Bulletin Board in the guild or through Guild Mail. We don't want those who decide to stay and just fill up a slot as an inactive member, it's not a hotel for god sake.

    2. No Trollers- Trollers are basically everywhere in NR (and maybe in the tower, idk how you can troll someone there) so, for the sake of keeping a positive track record, we will not allow Trollers. If we receive a report on a troller from our guild we will investigate (unless named). This will also apply to ally guilds. Why? Because trolling divides us, not the other way around. Like guild members, when we receive a report on our allies as an entire guild, we will remove them, however, if it's just one player in their guild, then we will inform them of the situation.

    3. No Hackers- I can't stress this enough... We will NOT accept hackers. You can ask but you have to say that you aren't, because if you are, insta-kick. Please don't hack the game, it is not fun when everything is easy. Also, anyone remember "Friday the 13th in the Main Tower?" Yeah... that's my reason and what I call that hacker in the tower, killing players syphoning their EXP. You have been warned.... (oh, and if we receive a report on a hacker, we will look into it and kick the hacker if we find out, don't lie to us on that rule or the trolling rule because the moment we figure it out, you will be punished...)

    4. Donations- Please donate as much as you can from various activities in the game. We don't recommend gear donations as that is more useful for upgrading gear or if close to broke, selling for some G. Cannonballs have the highest amount of GP in the Tower and found on 18F (I believe a lot of players stopped even trying to reach the top just for farming EXP and those cannonballs). There is also a dungeon every Friday called Union Room where if you find Union Emblem- Gold, you can give about 9k GP. We have a lot of work to do in order for us to get a guild room.

    So those are the four rules once you join Last Legends. We hope you enjoy your time as a member and have fun.

    -From GM

    Because in here, we are all that's left


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