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???? (Bard and Gda)

Discussion in 'Wonderer' started by RichardPérezN, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. RichardPérezN

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    "Gda and Bard" Possible awakening 4 °
    Because it is important to balance the status, one of the disadvantages of being hybrid is that you take one power aside (int) and put another (str), as we can solve this, and I just just realized .

    the two statistics give us a lot of INT and STR power, but the one that we do not know if it works and is a quite capable variable is MEN.

    As we know of Men is a somewhat mysterious status, on the one hand it shields you some advantages in certain classes, but not so much to give you points in it, as life, additional points in int and frz.

    Where we are going to see their gleaming power is in this class or they will spoil it as we have seen that bard is one of the worst classes but a more or less what is referred to in support of their exskill.

    What advantages does MEN give us?
    1. (3xfirst Wolf Fang) 2xMen = Buff STR (bard) Discord
    2. (Men + STR) * 5 * 1.5 * 2 = HP (Bard) Melody
    3. Men (base) * 4 + 400 = HP (Hermit) Heal Aqua
    4. (INT (base) / 2) -MEN = buff INT (Painter) Mixed Pallete
    5. (INT (base) / 2) -MEN = buff INT (Painter) Magical Sketch

    Your advantages are somewhat scattered, for example:
    any painter skill can be used with the exskill and hidden GDA preserved its INT buff, the large amount of life recovered among other things and the discord buff will probably improve or at least its base damage since it is depressing, then where it combines ?

    Well the exskill de bard solves part of the problem giving us an approx. 10% in (Def, Mdef, Atk, Matk). which is recommended for me is ~ 700 INT, ~ 700 STR, ~ 600 MEN and with somewhat good weapons

    In weapons have a spear and stick, first the spear to have the bonus of the passive spiker.

    in defense 2 (helmet and pants) that give DEF and 1 (Vest) MDEF, since the menu will give you the extra mdef to be compensated equally

    In weapons runes prioritize Vit> int = str> men, if you have enough resources to awaken the weapons Men = Int = Str and awake VIT.

    The priority is to have orbs of attack speed, since almost all these skill take 3-5s in animation, the following are crit.
    (benefits of 60% attack speed)

    since he has only 8 skill and the previous awakening have (11,10,10), we can see between 1-2 extra skills and a balance probably from the passive bard, since those 4STR and 6MEN, do not help much.

    As we can see the added skill are influenced by the name of the class and the skill, high lancer (Spiker + Bda) we have a skill according to someone who manages spears and dances with them xD; Elaim (Painter + Undine) a mixture of paint and water hahah; Dragon Guadian (Ancient + Hermit) It looks like the exancien + the jump and advances as the hermit skill; ????? (Gda + Bard) is probably a giant circle like the skills of Gda + discord, there is 80% that is a mixed skill of atk and matk, 10% that includes healing and 10% that expels their enemies, the other that is physical or magical damage.
    they are speculations but they are something valid except the last haha.

    This post has been done with google translator. a Mex who wants to contribute how to develop the classes, since for 5 years I have been in love with bard but he lost his charm, now with the rebirth and the probability that they give him a new brightness I have more encumbrances.

    I am 175 all is speculation since it is a nonexistent class, but those who are 200+ please give your comments about the other 3 awakening classes, and tell us how to use the sts after the restart.

    PS: 700 + 600 bard give you a healing 20k which can be perfect to leave your character in automatic hunting since you do not worry about his sp and hp: P
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  2. MrGlitch

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    Like the theory,sound solid and hope you may be accurate.

    However,MEN isn't that mysterious.

    MEN directly affects max SP,Mdef and SP recovery rates.
    A example being. My Striker to be has 166 mentality,5k SP. I never run out of SP,let alone drop below 4.5k due to the acolyte passive. As of late,I have yet to see it drop to 4.8k.

    As far as how MEN may affect a skill,look at it as if the MEN value is relative to the INT,the more SP(probably a set %) could be the initial impact to the scaling of the skill. Much like how the passives on many classes use Dex,a stat that now is broken in both good and bad ways.

    It may not be the same value,but in theory like the Dex,it could also fall under the same pretexted formula.
    Men - Target Men = damage output/healing
    As Dex follows
    Dex - target Dex = crit chance as Dex seems to add a hidden crit resistance.

    Just a fun theory,hope it tickled your brain a bit.
  3. aleph

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    My Wanderer is level 212. I previously only awakened high lancer, but have now done the other two. My build:
    • STR 120
    • INT 120
    • VIT 105
    • MEN 201
    • DEX 407
    • unallocated status points: 810
    Under the old system I think I had around 150 DEX.
    In general I've used the 10* mevius arms from the advanced arms shop. Weapons: 1h spear and mace. DEF headgear and lower; MDEF upper.
    From level 180, auto farming on F22 I never run out of SP or HP, with the following skills:
    • Tripping gale RE
    • Flowing lance RE
    • Levia claw RE
    • Gushing spin RE
    • Asround RE
    • Asround
    Since level 210 (about a week ago) I've been on auto farm on f28 with the same skills. No issues with SP or HP. I also switched to maxed 15* lv200 mevius, but I also have a level 170 monk with mastered monk in level 120 mevius with a 160 mevius mace who survives just fine as well.
    On f22 prior to level 180, instead of Levia claw I used Therapy Melody since survival wasn't always guaranteed.
    I am willing answer questions to a limited degree...
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