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Awakened Classes - General Info

Discussion in 'Avabel Class Discussions' started by aleph, Dec 25, 2018.

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    I didn't see this anywhere else, so posting here for posterity:

    Awakened classes (also called "awake" or "awaken" classes) combine the skills/abilities of two advanced classes. They require the following to unlock:
    • Minimum character level of 200
      • Achieve this by grinding/farming
    • Mastery of the two "parent classes"
      • Achieve this by achieving "job master" on each parent advanced class by levelling up all the advanced class skills to level 10
    • 1 Awakening Stone (as of when this is posted, when there are 3 awakened classes available for each basic class)
      • This is a drop from defeating the "Power of Awakening" normal dungeon, which costs 25 dungeon points (DP)

    All of the skills of the two "parent" classes are available to be learned in "awakened" version that have no weapon restrictions and (according to my interpretation) include all of the advantages of all three skill branches.

    There is one new active skill and one new passive for each awakened class. The new active skill has one cost table; all other skills (new passive and awakened versions of "parent" advanced class skills) have another. Acquiring/levelling up any of the awakened skills requires learning the new passive first. At character level 200 you can learn level 1 of the passive; level 2 requires character level 210; level 3 requires character level 220. I assume that it goes on from there, but I haven't reached 220 on any of my characters yet.

    JEXP cost is high:

    Awakened Active Skill:
    Lv 1: 3285000
    Lv 2: 6570000
    Lv 3: 13131000

    All Other Skills:
    Lv 1: 2517000
    Lv 2: 5034000
    Lv 3: 10068000​
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