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AVABEL Unofficial SUB-Event

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by ovan, Feb 11, 2014.

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    in a very late response yes any class with proficiency in healing spells that can effect others (first aid not counted) is a Healer to some extent.

    In a very late reply someone else already explained what I could not have put into better words to describe it. It gives the game a Purpose and it gives strong players a rewarding experience in conquering the Towers/World Versus side events. It also effectively just makes role play more mature and productively encourages socialization. When we started the event unofficially it took off right away and even now some players still consider it a Canon Addition to Avabel even if we the players did partake in it of our own accords as a Non-Canon event.

    Ah sorry allow me to personally say that there are no rules beyond being chivalrous and using the Games agreements and policies for the most part this ongoing event was a fan made edition that was inspired by many other war fantasy elements such as yes Log Horizon, SAO, and Romance of the three kingdoms. rules are what you make of them what I posted was more or less a quick diagram or outline of the roles each class would be best suited for. Sorry for the confusion and late reply
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