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Discussion in 'Avabel Game Suggestions' started by SkyKid, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. SkyKid

    SkyKid idk why i play

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    A V A B E L
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    Tell me what you think of these gameplay ideas
    Guild Hq-200k gp to establish-At the transfer npc guild base will be an option. Outside the base are Ally guild bases.

    20k to add Mobs that spawn(add up to 5 different types) (choose from: Lotus,Grimes,Puuka,Hidro,Snoa,Flyer,Cave worm,Derbi,Sandpiper,Kelpi,Halpua,Kattlecorn,Raccoon dog,low guard ninja)(2k-500k to upgrade mobs)

    100k to add Boss mobs (add 2 different types) (choose from:springan,albero,crayammer,Veks hell,Archtonis,Jabbwock,Vairgin,V shnida,Lekos,Aunghel,Tengu bird)(50k-700k to upgrade)

    1k to add generic mobs(add 3 types) (Ranger,Magician,Warrior,Gladiator,Wizard,Sniper,Rogue,Creator,Assassin,blacksmith)Upgrade generic mobs using Dark magic books +300 attack,Mystery stones +25 attack,Shining crystal +10 attack, (Hp is x2 the leaders HP)

    50k to add a room to HQ (arena,Quest dungeon,Shops)
    20k to add defenses (walls,doors,debuffers) 1k-350k to upgrade defences
    • Saturday Guild Wars-Tower with a twist,every Saturday You will be transferred to an area with 5 other guilds that are on your level (guild rank,members,active members,average level in guild) you must have a guild base and 20% active rate. The goal is to slay rival guild members on the battlefield. in the process of getting into rival guilds and stealing gp.each guild member gets 1 life, if the leader is slayed the guild defended shutdown and makes guilds easier to raid. The monsters inside the guilds will try to stop you they have a more aggressive AI and will rapidly attack. Kill chart below

    Rival member=+1000gp/20k exp/30k jexp
    Rival leader=+4000gp/100k exp/80k jexp
    Rival Generic mob=+40gp/1k exp/1k jexp
    Rival Mob=+200gp/1.5k exp/1.5k jexp
    Rival boss=+10000gp/20k exp/100k jexp

    Ally's play a role in this also and heres how
    -Helping hand-if the leader is slayed 1/2 of the ally defends HP is added to yours
    -Unity-An ally guild can have up to 10 Ally members helping the ally guild.
    Guild quests-In the quest dungeon there can be quests exclusive to guilds that award Gp/exp/jexp for the guild. The task will not be easy. Something extreme like Defeat 500 Puuka. Once the guild leader picks up the quest everyone shares it and will update whenever someone defeat the monster.

    Guild Ranks-The leader should decide ranks of the guild and whats needed to rank up
    Ex. (Read bottom to top)
    Rank 1:Leader:N/A
    Rank 2:Sentinel-Donate 150k gp/lv80/50 gdm kills
    Rank 3:Veteran-Donate 50k gp/lv70/40 gdm kills
    Rank 4:Trainee-Donate 10k gp/lv60/10 Gdm kills
    Rank 5:New comer-Donate 3k gp/lv50/4 gdm kills
    -Ranks can be very vital, members of higher rank can accept guild quests/Kick and accept members/Much more

    Challenge Guild-Set a guild as a rival, Rival guilds add danger to the game.
    -They can attack you anywhere
    -Can raid your guild base any time
    -Automatically entered against you in guild wars (if added)
    However there are positives too
    -the stronger the member slayed the more gp 1k-600k gp range!
    -if you win the rivalry you get all of the guilds gp
    -slayed guild members have a 40% chance of dropping 30%-60% of their gold
    Expand Guild member cap to 80
    Merge guilds option-Request with an ally guild merge guilds. Merge all gp and members. Leader is decided by vote (10 minute deadline after merge) or PvP.
    Pet use-Add attacks to your pet in a new npc called the Attack school
    -Opening attack school costs 200k per character
    -Unlocking an attack school skills section cost 100k per character
    -skills don't cost money but it does cost some of your jexp.

    Sections include
    -Support skills
    -Attack skills
    -passive skills
    -Magic skills

    Each Pet can have up to 10 skills equipped
    When a pet reaches level 30 it advances these are pet advances
    Grand Predator-Can release 5 more attack skills/+2000 HP
    Grand Nurturer-Can release 5 more support skills/+500sp
    Grand Majestic-can release 5 more magic skills/+200sp +200hp
    Grand Nomad-can release 5 more passive skills/+100 Dex/+50 vit

    And Finally A new class release for lv90+

    Zenith class-Class beyond the regular power/ in a whole other league/SUPERFIGHTERS! But you cannot master zenith classes

    Warrior zenith classes
    -Babarian-STR Orb 6 & 20 Sharps (Super gladiator+Mega catacraft)
    -Warlord-VIT Orb 6 & 20 Hards (Super paladin+Light rays)
    Acolyte zenith classes
    -Benedict-HP Orb & Light bowl (Super priest+resurrection skilll)
    -Wayward-DEX Orb 6 & STR Orb 2 (Super Monk)
    Rogue Zenith classes
    -Night rider-Dark bowl x2 (Raven + Raiden)
    -Drake-DEX orb 6 & Fire Bowl (Dragon rogue)
    Magician zenith classes
    -Archmage-SP Orb + INT Orb 6 (Super lost speller)
    -Necromancer-Dark bowl + 40 Hard crystals (summoner!)
    Ranger zenith classes
    -Hunter-STR Orb 4 & DEX Orb 5 (Super Sniper!)
    -Gunmaster-STR Orb 5 & DEX Orb 4 (super gunslinger)
    Creator Zenith classes
    -Exile-None bowl + INT Orb 6 (0_0)
    -Adventurer-10 of every member from f1-f21 + 1 Evo gangue
    Wonderer zenith classes
    -Symphonia Musica-Bard class release + 99 Hard crystals
    -Battle spear-Spiker/Geo dancer class released + 99 Sharp crystals

    ****** class skill set
    Active (spammable)
    Active (cooldown)
    Active (Buff)
    Active (spammable)
    passive 1
    Passive 2
    Hidden 1
    Hidden 2
    Ancient Skill (max both hiddens /they max out at 5)
    Movement (Teleport/Flight/Super speed)=Runs down 10sp for each time used
    Special skill buff(A skill that triples the basic Stats for your class for 10 seconds)

    LIKE Please
    Asobimo better make this happen >.<
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  2. Lord*Ve

    Lord*Ve New Member

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    Halberd & Kite
    Wouldnt that would made a ZenithLv 90+ PCs to be undefeatable by Normal Lv90+ PCs?
    Nice concept ( Where do I heard this Zenith from again...??)

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