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Avabel - Enhance Automation Bot

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by Frostmyr, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Frostmyr

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    This is a third party software. We are not to blame if your account is disabled.


    In this thread I will show a video demonstrating my bot program doing arm enhancing automatically. You may proceed to the video directly in the bottom but reading the story first can make it more interesting I suppose. Anyway, enjoy :)

    So, I bought this *10 rod costed me 40m. I wanna level it up to 100. I had no idea how much would it cost me.
    It was easy to reach level 50. But things were getting crazier as I pass level 60. I decided to buy 99 kundo and the level only increased from 62 to 71 or 72. I spent 8m golds to buy 99 kundo. So I started thinking, maybe using kundo is way too expensive for me. Then I started to buy level 40 rods from shop instead. It gave me ~240 pts per piece. In a single run I can add ~8600pts to my weapon. It's way more efficient than using kundo. Why? Let's do a little math :)
    - 99x kundo usually costs 8-10m
    - 99x kundo worths 148.500 enhance pts
    - To have 148500 pts, I can use ~620 pieces of level 40 rods instead
    - One rod costs me 4000g. It means in total it will only cost me 2.480.000 gold
    - It saves me at least 5.520.000 golds for every 148.500 enhance pts. Totally worth it.
    But the problem now is, well, a single run may take me 5-10 minutes. And it's repetitive and super boring. Heck, it even only worths 8600pts each run, as I have said above. Which is impossible to do it manually until I reach level 100.
    But... Luckily. I'm a programmer. Us programmer are usually good at solving problem :)
    So I started to think to do some kind of macro program, which can do a series of actions automatically. So here is the one I made.
    It can do enhancing activity repetitively with very low failure chance. The only common cause is connection problem.



    I can probably make a lot of money by opening this service to public. But I won't. Doing this thing always puts my account at stake. My account had been disabled twice because of this! They detected it as suspicious activity.. sadly..
    I also probably can't share the program as well since to get it working, I have to do some procedures which is not simple.

    The program isn't meant to do anything illegal. It does not modify any game data. I also won't make money out of it. It's more like a for-fun thing, as I always like to experience. :)

    Why when I put more texts there's always an error? Like this:
    "Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator."

    C'mon I need to say more about the video..

    Nvm, now it works...
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  2. Zxytu

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    How did u do this? Did u program an android app that ran over the game or did u program a series of commands that the device was suppposed to execute? Also what language?
  3. ~Rayleigh

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    I am forewarning anyone who attempts to use this to be aware of the risks involved using it.

    If anyone has questions about macros, bots or any third party system that lets you do different things with a game (any game really) please ask here or pm me.

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