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Anyone who's experienced in making of Discord Servers?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by kirto12, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. kirto12

    kirto12 New Member

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    Hello everyone, I am Kuro and I am in dire need of some help so I have a project going on involving the making of a wide establishment Discord Server for the Avabel Community the only recent post of a discord server for Avabel I've seen was a letdown and yes although it does hold about 300+ members the server is unorganized and quite inactive. Not because Avabel is ''Dead'' as many say but simply because the server did not have that of the proper maintenance done to it. Now I ask for the expertise of anyone who is willing to aid me in the making of a great server to where many can group up speak and interact with each other this server will not be dedicated to one guild as to how the previous post went about it but will be open to all the whole community. That is the goal I hope to achieve and will be working on towards. Also no disrespect at all towards the server named ''Avabel Family'' but I sincerely think it could've been managed way better and appropriately. More will be gone into depth in a later date.

    If anyone is well at managing and making servers and understands the mechanisms of the bots please do reply to this thread.
    Also, if you can do edits or make videos do also reply to this thread.
    Any help involving the server would be greatly appreciated.
    Major thanks to any who've read this thread, and please do come to my aid.

    **Discord Name:Kuro 死#8972**

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  2. Taibasa Tsuyou

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    well...it used to be active until people got tired of Avabel updates like the retirement of the stall, and the Level system as well as the most recent status changes as well as DEX's "nerf". I did noticed though that the current Discord server people tend to think alike and most of them are saying that DEX is completely useless now. I, at the other hand, with quite some people still active here on the Forum think different regarding DEX though.
    It's just that there's a "flow" on the current Discord which took most of its players along. I think that Avabel's most active out-side-game community is on LINE (cannot confirm). I just think so. Either Discord or Facebook comes below that. While this Forum is almost last. Any other sites are pretty much even less active; Japanese source excluded.

    I do agree that the current Discord is quite inactive and "unfriendly towards new players". I noticed a lot of new players asking for help, with almost no reply x'D -I'm replying when I have time, but I'm also not always replying or have time to get on, so I do tend to not reply in that case- Other than that, I'm only answering things I know about x'D

    Anyways.... I think it's quite difficult to make a new one now especially because of the focus being that big. Might be a different story if it's for just a Guild or so. You really needs solid active-active players who can contribute and stay active and such. It's already difficult here on the Forum with a lot of active players gone except a few, who all have their own limits.

    I do know a bit about managing Discord, which mostly come from second-hand, being in certain servers which gives me an idea about managing. I do have a small server for a Guild from other games. But not to the extend of needing bots though. But in most cases with bots, they do have their explanations in their "help" function either when added to server, when you type the command, or it'll get into your DM from the bots. Else there's a link to the site of the bot which has an explanation.

    Somehow it's just depending on people's interest I think? Buuuut, I can help with what I know. Can't say I'm an expert in managing things, but that's why you do things together x'D Good Luck though! ^o^)7
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