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Allow us to choose 1 item after a certain number of spins

Discussion in 'Avabel Game Suggestions' started by Tankno, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Not sure if this has been suggested. I fully understand that the company that makes the game is a business but I feel that the above suggestion would actually increase their revenue rather than decrease it. As it stands I feel the system is too random and people can be hesitant to use it because it is fairly difficult to get anything you want. If instead you were allowed to choose one item after say a ton of spins, wouldn't even mind if it was way up there like 500 spins or something, whether you were spinning avatars or gear as long as all the spins were in the same category or set, then you were allowed to choose 1 item of your choice from that 1 set. For instance if you spinned 500 or whatever times in X avatar set or in the rune arms equipment set, then you get to choose 1 item after.

    It would be as simple as tracking how many times a person has spinned in a set. In the long run I feel this could benefit the creators because as it stands now the system is quite off putting. If say you spun a ton and didn't get what you wanted you might feel disinclined to ever use it again, or even put off the game entirely. On the other hand if you did get what you want you might be elated and keep buying gems to spin but anyone with any common knowledge of psychology can tell you that people forget about winning much more quickly than they do about losing, so that elated feeling would likely not last long whereas the put off feeling from not obtaining what you're looking for would.

    In the end I guess it wouldn't matter much to most since if there was a number it would be too large for most people to spin that many times anyway on 1 particular set but it seems like a good balance between the chaoticly random system now and a system with no spins at all.

    tl,dr - allow players to choose an item of their choice after a huge number of spins in 1 set, believe it would be beneficial towards long lasting revenues.

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