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Aleph's Guide to Equipment, Part 1: Basics

Discussion in 'Avabel Game Guides' started by aleph, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Evolving until "4*s to 5*s" only require Sharp/Hard Crystals (depending of between Weapon or Armor). From 5* and higher you need at least a exact same copy, which will be lost when failed with the "original" still being safe.
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    I am really late with this, but I'm getting ready to evolve my weapons. I might as well go ahead and type up what I believe are the pros and cons of evolving gear versus the pros and cons of buying gear (6*+). (I said I would in the blacksmith section. So here I am.)

    First: Buying a weapon
    • You choose the highest level weapon you can use. For reference (as far as I'm aware of), you can't get gear for level 80+ from the floor or dungeons. (I heard it might be possible to get 80 gear from sword floor or armor floor, but it is rare.) If you are that person who likes having the highest leveled gear they can get ahold of, the stall is where it is at.
    • You can choose the rarity. People generally selling weapons ranging from 1* to 10* (though the highest you see will depend on the weapon; example: daggers and swords are more commonly used than spears and knuckles [pre-Revenger].) If you want a weapon with a high rarity, someone is probably selling it.
    • It's the easiest way to get good gear fast. All you have to do is have the amount requested. There are many different ways to make money in this game.
    • Mostly likely, you can't evolve it. Evolving past 5* requires another copy of the exact weapon (or armor) you are using. If it is something for 80+, getting another version is nearly impossible. Even if you get another version, it isn't guaranteed that it will evolve. (It is rare for anything 4* to 5* to evolve on the first try. I doubt it would be any easier higher up.) If it is 75 and below, you still have to start from square one (5* to 6* to 7* or however high your rarity is). Most people bought their weapon to avoid that. (Hope you have Evo Liquids.)
    • You are at the mercy of the stall. People LOVE overcharging for stuff. If you want something good, be prepared to pay a hefty price (or maybe you are lucky and you caught a sale). (Once again, this depends the item. Daggers and Swords > Spears.)
    Evolving a weapon:
    • Sense of progression. You are slowly but surely getting stronger with every evolution. The damage scales up every time you evolve. (Level 1 for 1* isn't the same as Level 1 for 2*. I don't have the numbers written down yet, but I'll add them at "a later time.") Nothing feels better than seeing the awesome outcome of your blood, sweat, and tears.
    • You can fully evolve your equipment. 10* equipment is a possibility if you evolve manually. 10* is currently the highest (non-awakened) rarity a person can get a hold of. Even a level 50 weapon can keep up and do massive damage if it is at this rarity. 10* is strong. (I'm using it to level my playing field.)
    • Duplicates in bound. Past 6*, you need copies. You might be thinking, "Why would I care for duplicates?" There are quite a few uses for them. First, you can sell them. More money in your pocket. Second, you can add elements and/or crystals to them. As a person who loves elemental damage, having more than one weapon with elements on it is awesome. Finally, you can share with friends. (I actually promised a friend that he can have one of my spare blunts are I finish with some of my evolutions.) You have to do something with this spare materials. Also...
    • Awakening is now a bigger possibility. If you don't know the effects, read this here. This is how you even the playing field. Clearly, a level 80 weapon is stronger than a level 70 weapon at max (assuming they are both at 10* for some reason). Normally, you would be out of luck, but awakening was added some time ago. You require a copy of the weapon to be awakened (6*+), a rift stone for or higher than the weapon to be awakened, and an ORB (6+). The people who bought a weapon would be stopped at the duplicate. Since you are evolving, you have plenty laying around. You are now one step closer.
    • I hope you have patience. The process is grueling. You have to evolve and level multiple sets of equipment to use as material. It is okay-ish for 5* to 6*, but you'll start feeling it for 6* to 7*. (5* was hard enough to level.)
    • This is restricted to gear that is level 75 and below. (If you plan on doing level 55, 65, or 75, please have a blacksmith help. 30 materials per weapon is annoying.) Realistically, an 8* level 75 weapon can outdamage a 7* level 80 weapon (that's how strong the scaling gets). Though it gets harder to match up to level 90 and level 100 damage. Awakening is the only thing that can level the playing at that point (though it is more possible since you already have duplicates), but not everyone can do it due to the rift stone requirement. The damage difference isn't going to be night and day, but it's like choosing between a cool-looking car and a slightly less cool looking car than needs to be modded.
    • Crystals. The best way to get crystals naturally is through the sharp and hard crystal dungeon. Other than that, it is the stall. The prices seem to fluctuate. You can get 99 for as low as 1 mil (sharp) or you can only find them as 1.5 mil (still sharp). It isn't as bad as the actual weapons, but it is still slightly troublesome. Then again, you can always farm the dungeon. (Though the problem isn't getting them. It's getting a lot of them. Example: you need a pencil. That's easy. Go to store and buy a pack. Now you need 1,000 pencils. It just got costly.)

    Each side has its own pros and cons. Honestly, what you do depends on you. I wrote this in hopes that a blacksmith (or maybe anyone) could be encouraged to manual evolve their equipment instead of going out and buying it. (Though some people don't have the time or patience to do this.)
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    if i use the Di weapon, it increases BOTH the damage into 412-362 or something like that. reversely, Fi will decrease BOTH damage back into original, since Fi will increase the min and leave the max alone, and Ba will increase a little into 406-356.

    ^ that is from dex and crit dmg thread but I don't understand Di, Fi, and Ba...
    what is Di, Fi, and Ba??
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