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1 week Acolyte here with lots of noobish questions

Discussion in 'Acolyte' started by Marcus978, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Marcus978

    Marcus978 New Member

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    I'm a Lv53 Priest, built with 95 int and some dex and some vit. 2hand rod. Very poor. Still knowing the game. I'll be listing a lot of questions. Don't get me wrong, i read all threads in acolyte section, and i had some questions answered and some haven't.. Anyway. Please answer with sense(meaning an answer that a noob like me would understand, don't make me decipher please haha).

    1) How much dex is preferable?
    2) Is 95 Int be enough? (i heal 700-800 with Lv7 heal light, 1000-1100 with Lv8 heal link, 200-300 with Lv5 bubble thing, 500-600 with Lv6 spear heal)
    3) Any tips on grinding/farming for gold for acolytes? I've heard of floor 6 the best, but they were not acolytes.. Haha
    4) I'm trying to understand all advance classes.. So.. I picked Priest(is that an advance class? Opposite job of linker right?).. Then they said there is now a 3rd advance class(i think they're leg sol, monk, exorcist and angelus if i understood all what i google'd about). They said.. If i master one of those jobs, i could take ONE of their skills. How do I master a job? Is it just by maxing the 4 skills(ex in priest, clergy, heal bubble, crit buff, heal spear) then I can say I have mastered the Priest class?
    5) planning on mastering Linker, and get back to being a priest, then taking linker's buff of fastening cooldown of an ally targeted by it, is this possible? Cause the guides i read always says.. "master priest class, so you could use 1 priest skill when you're in 3rd advance class"
    6) If there are a few things that i need to know, please have the patience to write them down. All above else, thank you for considerating my noobish questions. Been an MMORPG lover, but never was introduced to this game when it was released that makes it harder for me to understand because i didn't started playing it in the beggining..

    IGN chabi Lv53 priest
  2. aleph

    aleph Active Member

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    It depends. High dex = higher chance of crits and higher min attack/matk. Dex is also a useful defense against creators in PvP but only if you're using Str-based attacks. Keep in mind that any points you put into Dex reduce the amount of stat points available for other stats. This isn't necessarily bad, it's just the reality of limited resources.
    It depends. Acolytes have two main paths: Int-based and Str-based. If you want to be any good in the Str-based classes then Int isn't really useful (but can be in some situations). Your effectiveness will be a combination of one of those two main stats and how good of a weapon you have. Some high level players skip Int or Str and go all-in on Dex but those people generally have 8-star and higher weapons. Whatever you choose, try to aim for stat numbers that are multiples of 20: 95+5 or 90+10 or some such from passive skills and/or guild bonuses.
    It depends (see a pattern here?) Acolytes (especially Int-based ones) grind and farm best in share parties since DPS is low (int-based) or expensive (str-based). Channel 1 is the best one to find share parties, and the best floor is whichever one has share parties in your level range. Try floors 9, 13, and maybe 18, though 18 is going to be pretty difficult since it's always swarming with level 90+ parties.
    There are 6 advanced classes for each base class. Probably best to master priest rather than trying to do linker first. Priest has a much wider variety of useful skills for levelling. Yes, mastery requires maxing all the skills of class. No need to master the base acolyte skills before mastering advanced classes.
  3. Vinyx

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    Hello, here I will answer according to my own status now since i have used restatus scroll several times to get the best build for me. My build with buffs and others is approximately 180 int and 45 dex. No vit.

    1. 40 DEX is good enough. With 40 dex you can max out int (150) and tank a bit with vit for the rest. Of couse this is when you get to higher level.

    2. 95 INT is simply not enough. I aimed for 180 INT with buff. Now holding at lv79 with 2200 link heal (3600 crit) and 800 selfee holy (1200 crit), using 1h rod and shield.

    3. Grinding level? Doing rush 1 with party is the best. Boss raid is good. Farming? Forget it if you're still lv50s. Grind until you get lv70, then f18 is good for farming with random party there.

    4. Make all the priest skills to lv10. That is called job master.

    5. After mastering priest, I suggest you master either exorsist or angelus or even both to get their damaging skills like exorsist shining ray and angelus shining road. It will help a lot in rush/floor/dungeon. And after that, go master linker. Not for the quick cooldown buff because it's hard to use. Better go for its hp/sp buff or protection buff. They are more useful. After done with mastering all those, go back to priest. Because priest is the best class to stay on after mastering other classes.

    6. If you wanna be full support priest, max the INT and put the rest on DEX and use 1h rod with shield to compensate your thin HP. Master priest and linker. If you really into battle priest, get 80 or more DEX and 80 or more INT, put the rest on VIT. Use 2h rod. Master both exorsist and angelus, back to priest. Ying yang is out of the question since you are newbie and it needs 5 evolution gangues. Well, this is all about my own experience for playing as a priest for more than 2 years. Up to you if you want it your way. My IGN is Vinyx (priest exorsist angelus), i was battle type priest but now just full support with some damaging skills.
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