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/❕\ Core system changes 12/19/2018 /❕\

Discussion in 'Avabel General Discussions' started by MrGlitch, Dec 20, 2018.

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    As the title states,there is a new core system update implemented as of 12/19/2018.

    Class changes:
    Stats now affect classes with more diversity,there is no "one to rule them all" build. Stats that affect BP vary on class,the base starter class. Advance classes do improve on stats like hp/sp,but not generated BP gained.

    Weapon now consist of 90% of your attack value. These values increase minorlly with stats,but can be implemented for benefits. Use the customize weapon feature at the synthesis to adjust to your liking.

    Stat changes:
    Dex ~ No longer adjusts Min/Max atk ratings. Increases critical and critical resistance rates.
    STR/INT ~ Adds a 1-1 (min/max atk) value per point invested. Does not scale the more added.
    VIT ~ Improved HP recovery amount/ tick rates (HP added is still based on your basic class)
    MEN ~ Improved SP recovery amount/tick rate (SP gained is based on your basic class)

    Leveling system:
    Every level grants 5 point to invest. Per "5th" marker grants a bonus 5 point for 10 on that level. Every "10th" marker grants a bonus 10 for 15 that level.

    Hope this helps out,any additional info is greatly appreciated.
    Happy Hunting!
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