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Discussion in 'Avabel Guild Recruiting / Joining' started by Enoch, Feb 24, 2018.

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    -Welcome To SINNERZ HQ-
    Welcome to the recruiting official
    headquarters of SINNERZ. And, that
    we're here. Looking for active players
    who are on daily. Who can help and
    offer to our guild. With a friendly type
    atmosphere & attitude.

    Members who can be respectful and
    loyal to the cause. Help recruit more
    members to the guild.

    -Guild Requirements-
    ACTIVE MEMBERS! All of my
    members of SINNERZ. Must be of a active nature.
    On daily. Unless you do attend to notify me first. As
    anybody whoi is inactive in 3 days. I or my subs of
    the guild. Will remove you.

    MUST HAVE LINE CHAT It is of ALL required
    by all members. To havet his app. So we can keep in
    touch in the game. And while out of the game. Just
    as well. To get to know each other as a guild. And as
    a guild who works as one family too.

    Ask this the most. Don't disrespect anybody. Offer
    you're assistance if a member needs help. Work together
    & NOT against each other.

    -How To Apply -
    Please note; All levels. Any class. Of any nation. Just as
    long as you can speak English. Can join SINNERZ!! Just
    go to revere. Head to the guild board. Search our guild
    name: SINNERZ, And then apply! It's that easy to do.
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