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  1. MaxiumXM ? »

    Jan 5, 2018
  2. MaxiumXM replied to the thread Monk is Joke.

    First of all, for two of the monk skills, you need Knuckles. Second of all, i believe full int on monk isn't that good for damage as...

    Jan 5, 2018
  3. MaxiumXM replied to the thread Authorization failed (collection).

    Dude I got Avatar Fight. Wanna join my guild or I join yours?

    Jul 6, 2017
  4. MaxiumXM replied to the thread IDENTIFY YOURSELF.

    Name: MrTokyoX IGN: Maxiumu or MrTokyo Guild: ExMedilian Class: Rogue, Assassin. Creator, Battle Cracker Base: Revere Channel: 4...

    Jun 17, 2017
  5. MaxiumXM Rebith.... Takes so long...... »

    Jun 12, 2017
  6. MaxiumXM replied to the thread Which sequence for rebirth?.

    Personally, I would go Assassin, Raiden, Raven, Storm Raider, Debuster, Soul Breaker, then Shinobi.

    Jun 12, 2017
  7. MaxiumXM left a message on Fknightmare101's profile.

    Sry. Kinda wasnt on for a while. Im level 75 assasin and a lv33 creator

    Jun 9, 2017
  8. MaxiumXM set their location as Florida.

    Mar 19, 2017
  9. MaxiumXM Gotta get a new LCD screen for my tablet. Gotta wait to play Avabel again »

    Mar 19, 2017
  10. MaxiumXM replied to the thread What's up...

    Sry, my tablet broke so I can't play right now. And i switched guilds.

    Mar 19, 2017
  11. MaxiumXM replied to the thread What's up...

    wanna play sometime. Level 44 rogue

    Mar 12, 2017
  12. MaxiumXM posted a new thread.

    F5 Loading Problem.

    I had just beaten the release quest(As in used gems because I was too lazy) of Floor 4. It gives the regular prompt asking if IT want to...


    Forum: Device Support / In Game Issues

    Feb 19, 2017
  13. MaxiumXM posted a new thread.

    Need of Other Players.

    Need of other players to play with. Not only for my guild but to play with in general. Message me if you are intrerested in any way.

    Forum: Avabel Guild Recruiting / Joining

    Feb 18, 2017
  14. MaxiumXM replied to the thread Code 41 failure acquiring data.

    thx for the help. I got cs new friend who imma play with who was haveing the sa e error as you guys.

    Feb 18, 2017
  15. MaxiumXM Hey. Was up. Looking for tips and tricks to have fun in tis game. »

    Feb 18, 2017