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  1. Taibasa Tsuyou
    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Steam Avabel is just rip from Android app on PC.. It's not worth it over actual smartphone/tablet/pad... :-/ There's nothing "PC" ish.
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    2. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Just mobile App on PC just like you know it, except with some bugs when clicking on "talk". :shrug:
      Jan 8, 2020
  2. chelyn
  3. Mekurukito
    Hello guys. I need help/guide me to find short lance in the avabel. And i don't know what means *5x1. Please help me.
  4. Shadow Dragonite
  5. AlCrazyboy
    Y'all can Find me on Channel 7 IGN is Korkou
    Woohoo 1st lvl300 character and master awaken class.
  7. Zach88
    Zach88 Oceanmk
    Avabel Lupinus?
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      Yep it's a chibi ver. Of avabel online and has the start of a proper storyline. And faine is sooo cute too.
      Aug 21, 2019
  8. MrGlitch
    Leveling feels a bit like a joke now...hmm..wonder why that is.
    Can't believe I can say, "Back when I started, we had 3* gear and a maze." I miss Random Dungeon.
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    2. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      I miss Random Dungeon too... (> ToT)> Should've made it online instead of scrapping it...
      Jul 17, 2019
  10. Mush2007
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Let me read through it first (:V )
      May 15, 2019
  11. Taibasa Tsuyou
    Taibasa Tsuyou
    So many new members saying "STILL" at Lv100, while during the golden days Lv100 was the limit ahaha x'D
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  12. Oceanmk
    Men > Vit going strong..I guess I will stick to it.
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  13. Knightrun
    I need help on building gunner. plan to go Blaster main. currently opened fortress and gambit but still haven't put a single stat point.
  14. Knightrun
    Hmm... why do I feel like Avabel become more confusing than back in 2013?
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Because they made it more complicated by having quite a lot of things added and changing a lot of things..
      Apr 12, 2019
    2. hmmm
      maybe so we wont get bored... so every month or 2 its like a completely new game lmao
      Apr 27, 2019
  15. momono mono
    momono mono Raftel
    To. I just read Ur writings about creator. I do Have Same problematic that i cant find ppl to play with And so on. Few years Back people were More "open&discussed More" but yeah My point IS that If u would like to Have company. I do play everyday. :) My wanderer Nick IS roger89&creator Ron hyakkimaru.creator now only 90's
  16. ErikSmith
    I am currently looking to better myself at avabel online; in every class I can.
  17. kirto12
    Needing Help.
  18. kirto12
    Online rn
  19. Ace144
    I've decided. I'll take on the Acolyte, Dual gun, and Warrior classes. I'll everything else to others. I feel like they were done dirty.
  20. Layfon Alseif
    Layfon Alseif Taibasa Tsuyou
    Yeah I finally beat the floor Quest for floor 49 I’m not a one hit kill. But at 2 hit kill lol nah really tough floor. It’s a magic type floor so make sure you have MDEF armor!!!
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