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  1. Mush2007
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Let me read through it first (:V )
      May 15, 2019 at 8:25 AM
  2. Taibasa Tsuyou
    Taibasa Tsuyou
    So many new members saying "STILL" at Lv100, while during the golden days Lv100 was the limit ahaha x'D
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  3. Oceanmk
    Men > Vit going strong..I guess I will stick to it.
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  4. Knightrun
    I need help on building gunner. plan to go Blaster main. currently opened fortress and gambit but still haven't put a single stat point.
  5. Knightrun
    Hmm... why do I feel like Avabel become more confusing than back in 2013?
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Because they made it more complicated by having quite a lot of things added and changing a lot of things..
      Apr 12, 2019
    2. hmmm
      maybe so we wont get bored... so every month or 2 its like a completely new game lmao
      Apr 27, 2019
  6. momono mono
    momono mono Raftel
    To. I just read Ur writings about creator. I do Have Same problematic that i cant find ppl to play with And so on. Few years Back people were More "open&discussed More" but yeah My point IS that If u would like to Have company. I do play everyday. :) My wanderer Nick IS roger89&creator Ron hyakkimaru.creator now only 90's
  7. ErikSmith
    I am currently looking to better myself at avabel online; in every class I can.
  8. kirto12
    Needing Help.
  9. kirto12
    Online rn
  10. Ace144
    I've decided. I'll take on the Acolyte, Dual gun, and Warrior classes. I'll everything else to others. I feel like they were done dirty.
  11. Layfon Alseif
    Layfon Alseif Taibasa Tsuyou
    Yeah I finally beat the floor Quest for floor 49 I’m not a one hit kill. But at 2 hit kill lol nah really tough floor. It’s a magic type floor so make sure you have MDEF armor!!!
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  12. Taibasa Tsuyou
    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Got to newest Volcano Floor 49 unlocked ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Although get 1 Hit KO’ed so staying on F48 until enough materials to enhance equipments
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      Can honestly say they balanced the op mavius issue regarding pve
      Feb 21, 2019
    4. Ace144
      I advise awakening gear. It's damage mitigation. Also, I recommend having a healer. You need some sustain on this floor.
      Feb 24, 2019
    5. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      I have my own healing means as Selfee Holy as a Mage (:V )
      Feb 24, 2019
  13. Layfon Alseif
    Layfon Alseif
    Hey guys I’m not new to Avabel by far and I have tons of info and I can really use tons more so let’s chat
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    be nice and kick ass.. diplomacy works!!
  15. Aura
    oof how to change your username;;
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      SHOP → Shop → System → Rename Book R for 30 gems.
      Feb 3, 2019
  16. MrGlitch
    Can't get avabel to load. Fml
  17. Taibasa Tsuyou
    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Keep the activity up :woot: I actually noticed since a little while ago... if members are active, there are less spambots somehow..!
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    2. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Not sure if this is per se, but I noticed this happening a few times already xD
      Jan 27, 2019
  18. ΒΞΛSΤ
    GM of -- Λ Ρ Ξ X
  19. MrGlitch
    170+ feels like that stretch of my pure Dex monk back in the day to lv50. Blagh
  20. MrGlitch
    100 more to reach my passive healing goal. No blunt,no rod,almost 500 per tick. :D