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New Profile Posts

  1. Oceanmk
    I'm back to explore avabel my favorite game.
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  2. Inarih
    oh so I'm a gamer dude I guess? been playing avabel for a couple years and whatnot. like since I was eleven I think.
  3. Kurochan
    Ch1, base: sala de descanso
  4. Jenisha
    Confused. Continue Vampire lv 150 or lvl my Light Lord lv 110 ??
    1. Isaiah455
      Keep your vampire cause light lord too much work
      Nov 5, 2018
    2. Jenisha
      I got revenger to 200+ and Summoner to 170.... now thinking, should I pick Aco/Monk or Creator or Mage for next char??? Or maybe Wandarer, but this class seems too confusing on stats.
      Nov 22, 2018
  5. momono mono
    momono mono Arystasha
    Would u still do that pad for avabel?
  6. Adriadricito
    Adriadricito GuyBravo
    This is my old account
  7. DonXIII
    Line ID: Apex.o
  8. Saturos
    game crashes exists
  9. Jenisha
    Revenger Lv 150. My name is ❤
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    3. Jenisha
      Maybe. Possible.. :) IF u still play Avabel, good chance we will meet... hehe
      Nov 22, 2018
    4. Isaiah455
      You should add me on LINE or Discord. My LINE is dingdong447 and my Discord is Teekae#5063
      Dec 5, 2018
    5. Isaiah455
      I still play avabel, yes
      Dec 5, 2018
  10. Daihue
    Im a female viking
  11. Elephant
  12. j.k.d
    Will the game iwill play again but ineed anew device for the game
  13. Kamskull50
    I’m a revenger with a bit of nightmare
  14. Seraphiel
    Who knows where to find Celestial Stones?
  15. HayaAvabel
    Hello! Not new to the game, but new to this site •-•
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  16. osmosis
  17. RichardPérezN
    RichardPérezN VashX
    I want to start publishing content in the wonderer class, for example, adding the exskill, its effects, among other things, and when I try to publish it, it says:
    The following error occurred:
    Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.
    1. Mush2007
      that means websites links or other wordings /codes are contained
      May 7, 2019
  18. AeoN
    New here
  19. Dian Lois Jane Sta.Ana
  20. Innosan
    The one and only
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