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  1. Celty
    ~ Sweet Godness ~
  2. JustJoshing
    Hard to find people who aren't weaboos in this game :/
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    2. ~Rayleigh
      Im not :D because i wasnt attracted to this game because of anime but because this game has a nice pvp system.
      Feb 28, 2017
    3. anthony91
      Not really for me. lol
      Feb 28, 2017
  3. Innfectious
    Feed me.
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    2. anthony91
      I'll give you an oil. xD
      Mar 2, 2017
  4. anthony91
    Magic with guns?? Really?!?!
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    2. Ace144
      Could it be that the branches give you the option of choosing whether you want to do physical damage, magic damage, or both? That might be the case. I'll let the person know in the thread what to check.
      Feb 25, 2017
    3. Zucrea
      There might actually be no tricks here.
      In the developers minds everyone will want to hit rb8 and this indirectly might force you to rebirth to use daggers (which nets them $)
      Feb 26, 2017
    4. anthony91
      Yes, you are right Zucrea.
      Feb 26, 2017
  5. Ace144
    I broke. Now I have spent more money. I now have a Ranger character (again). Only two classes left... *cries in a corner*
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    2. Ace144
      I knew I shouldn't have read the Ranger threads...
      Feb 22, 2017
  6. Mimi
    Just getting back to play Avabel~
    1. jus askin a question
      Feb 21, 2017
  7. Faiz fullbuster
    Faiz fullbuster
    Just an regular otaku
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  8. Cow
    Cow GJO
    Hey, long time no see bud
  9. Dark
  10. Zhy_san
    Is the damage effect the same as having weapons with no element and with element?
    1. Zucrea
      If you mean does element give more damage to attacks.. yes.
      Feb 19, 2017