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  1. Geowlett
    Geowlett VashX
    Applied for moderator but no response for quite awhile...
  2. Duel Wielding Debuster
    Duel Wielding Debuster
    The first EX Blader.
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    2. jus askin a question
      jus askin a question
      Test it on me. °^°
      Jun 23, 2017
    3. anthony91
      Yeah, I saw it. It was cool xD
      Jun 24, 2017
    4. Duel Wielding Debuster
      Duel Wielding Debuster
      My usual hangout spot is Channel 1 No Rule 2. If you meet me there I'll gladly do a test, and even spars too. ^_^
      Jun 24, 2017
  3. Leonardo Freitas Pereira
  4. MaxiumXM
    Rebith.... Takes so long......
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  5. RyuNii
    RyuNii VashX
    Dude ? You here?
  6. MaxiumXM
    MaxiumXM Fknightmare101
    Sry. Kinda wasnt on for a while. Im level 75 assasin and a lv33 creator
  7. RyuNii
    RyuNii VashX
    Can't send you PM about the answers for Moderator position, cuz it includes "spam"
  8. RyuNii
    Protect the forest, and she will protect you
  9. jus askin a question
    jus askin a question
    Looking forward to rb3 xP
  10. mido82lord
    life is fun
  11. ʟєṿı
    looĸιng ғor acтιve gυιld тнaт can нelp мe clear ғloorѕ and level υp
  12. Eupho
    U can have fun with me
  13. Ace144
    I'm back in full force. I'll try to add as much as I can in the months to come. Summer is so short.
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  14. Kizaru
  15. Taibasa Tsuyou
    Taibasa Tsuyou
    Change of plannings: Unlocking Sylwinder before Glacial; since we already have some info regarding Glc while almost next to nothing for Syl
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Or actually, since I noticed that 3x Evo Gangue for 20 gems I went and am about to unlock Syl >3>) Having thread ready and updated with branches and hidden might take a while due School Projects.
      May 27, 2017
  16. Yuun
    LFG > Malaysian / International Guilds. New to this games, thanks.
  17. Kitanox
    Road to Samurai
  18. Duel Wielding Debuster
    Duel Wielding Debuster
    Started Winter 2013 so I'm a four-years Avabel player now. Still not humanized/awakened yet but I know the ropes. Hope I can help.
  19. Troubled Narwhal
  20. ToramRefugee
    ToramRefugee Taibasa Tsuyou
    I need some help contacting VashX. Toram mod kariin has declared me her "enemy" and I have been banned from the forums. The site said to contact the admin if it was done in error. I can't click anything in the forum while banned. The mods there are exploiting their ability to mute and ban players to keep anyone from talking about moderator behaviour. PLEASE help me reach Vash, I can't any other way. Thanks!