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  1. Larcel
    Fully returned after a good year xD, St.Lux is retired so I main Zinreal now. I'm always on ch3 except when circumstances come around.
    1. jus askin a question
      Feb 17, 2017
  2. Ace144
    Ace144 VashX
    Are who I think you are? If you are, could you create a sub forum for Revenger?
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  3. Lamp
    Yayyyyyy chocolate >>
  4. Nemu
  5. Lamp
    gonna get 10* blunt and knuckle at lvl70
  6. Lamp
    hmm im a lvl67 monk atm but ill be fine with bard
  7. Oceanmk
    Level 71, Bard 3:1 Men>Vit. Playing around with 10* weapon and armor lol.
  8. Lamp
    Ill be fine sparring some higher levels...but maybe not rogue x.x
  9. Lamp
    Hmm anyone thinking of making a sparring thread? I'd love to spar a few people even if I'm lvl 65 and a bit squishy.
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  10. ~Rayleigh
    ~Rayleigh Taibasa Tsuyou
    Just saw thier is no slywinder class thread, sense you are the forum's mage i thought to let you know. Was going to move the "what skill is this" thread thier but was unable to do so.
    1. Taibasa Tsuyou
      Taibasa Tsuyou
      Yea, I also still need to unlock both Glacial and Sylwinder... But since we do have a Glacial thread with info provided by others, I did consider unlocking Sylwinder afterall maybe... But I still need more time with the inlogs to be able to unlock Sylwinder xD
      Feb 10, 2017
    2. ~Rayleigh
      Either way we really need to get have some more researchers to help contribute to the bloody forum DX I wanna get back into playing so bad.
      Feb 10, 2017